Monkeys catch the moon-hou zi lao yue liang 猴子捞月亮

Thursday, December 29, 2022

Do you want to learn Chinese through stories? Today we will learn a story about monkeys catch the moon. Have you heard before? Let's get started.

One night, a monkey was playing by the well. 
yì tiān wǎn shɑnɡ, yì zhī hóu zi zài jǐnɡ biān wán shuǎ.

He looked into the well and found a moon in it. 
tā wǎnɡ jǐnɡ lǐ kàn, fā xiàn lǐ miàn yǒu yí ɡè yuè liɑnɡ.

The little monkey cried, "No, the moon has fallen into the well."
xiǎo hóu zi hǎn dào:" bù hǎo le, yuè liɑnɡ diào jìn jǐnɡ lǐ le."

The monkey heard this and ran over to look at it. 
hóu zi tīnɡ dào le, pǎo ɡuò qù kàn le kàn.

He also called out: "No, the moon has fallen into the well." 
tā yě hǎn dào:" bù hǎo le, yuè liɑnɡ diào jìn jǐnɡ lǐ le."

The old monkey heard this and ran over to look at it.
lǎo hóu zi tīnɡ dào le zhè jù huà, pǎo ɡuò qù kàn kɑn.

 He also called out: "No, the moon has fallen into the well. We have to find a way to get it."
tā yě hǎn dào:" bù hǎo le, yuè liɑnɡ diào jìn le jǐnɡ lǐ. wǒ men bì xū xiǎnɡ bàn fǎ bǎ tā lāo chū lái.

The monkeys climbed up the tree near the well, and the old monkey hung upside down on the tree, holding the monkey's feet. 
hóu zi pá shànɡ le jǐnɡ pánɡ biān de shù, lǎo hóu zi dào ɡuà zài shù shànɡ, zhuā zhù hóu zi de jiǎo.

The monkey also hung upside down, holding the other monkey's foot. 
qí tā hóu zi yě dào ɡuà zhe, zhuā zhù lìnɡ yì zhī hóu zi de jiǎo.

The monkeys hung one by one until they reached the well. 
hóu zi men yí ɡè jiē yí ɡè dì diào dào jǐnɡ biān.

The little monkey hung at the bottom. 
nà zhǐ xiǎo hóu zi ɡuà zài dǐ bù.

The little monkey reached out to catch the moon. 
xiǎo hóu zi shēn shǒu qù zhuā yuè liɑnɡ.

As soon as his hand touched the water, the moon broke into pieces. 
tā de shǒu yí pènɡ dào shuǐ, yuè liɑnɡ jiù suì le.

The little monkey said, "Oh, no, the moon was broken by me."
xiǎo hóu zi shuō:" ò, bú, yuè liɑnɡ bèi wǒ nònɡ suì le.

The family complained about the little monkey. 
qí tā hóu zi bào yuàn zhè zhǐ xiǎo hóu zi.

After a while, the water was calm again. 
ɡuò le yí huì ér, shuǐ miàn yòu pínɡ jìnɡ le.

Another round and bright moon appeared in the well. 
jǐnɡ lǐ yòu chū xiàn le yì lún yòu yuán yòu liànɡ de yuè liɑnɡ.

The little monkey reached out to catch the moon, but as soon as he touched the moon, it broke into pieces. 
xiǎo hóu zi shēn shǒu qù zhuā yuè liɑnɡ, dàn yí pènɡ dào yuè liɑnɡ, yuè liɑnɡ jiù suì le.

The monkeys failed several times. 
hóu zi men shī bài le hǎo jǐ cì.

The family shouted, "I'm tired of catching the moon, but I still can't catch it. 
jiā rén hǎn dào:" wǒ yǐ jīnɡ yàn juàn le zhuā yuè liɑnɡ, dàn wǒ hái shì zhuā bú dào.

I can't catch it."
wǒ zhuā bú dào le.

At this time, the old monkey looked up and saw that the moon was still in the sky. 
zhè shí, lǎo hóu zi tái tóu yí kàn, fā xiàn yuè liɑnɡ hái zài tiān shànɡ.

He panted and said, "No need to fish, no need to fish, the moon is hanging in the sky, and the moon in the well is its reflection."
tā qì chuǎn xū xū dì shuō:" bú yào lāo yuè liɑnɡ le,bú yào lāo yuè liɑnɡ le. yuè liɑnɡ ɡuà zài tiān shànɡ, jǐnɡ lǐ de yuè liɑnɡ jiù shì tā de dào 

The monkeys looked up at the moon and smiled.
hóu zi men tái tóu kàn zhe yuè liɑnɡ xiào le.

The story tells us that the monkey has not get the moon in the well, because it is the shadow of the moon in the sky.
zhè ɡe ɡù shi ɡào su wǒ men, hóu zi méi yǒu dé dào jǐnɡ lǐ de yuè liɑnɡ, yīn wèi tā shì yuè liɑnɡ zài tiān kōnɡ zhōnɡ dì yǐnɡ zi.

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