Farmer and snake-nong fu yu she

Sunday, February 19, 2023

Do you want to learn Chinese through stories? Today we will learn a story about farmer and snake. Have you heard before? Let's get started.

In a cold winter, the farmer who came home from the market found a frozen snake on the roadside.
Zài yīgè hánlěng de dōngtiān, gǎnjí wán huí jiā de nóngfū zài lù biān fāxiànle yītiáo dòng jiāngle de shé.

He took pity on the snake and put it in his arms.
Tā hěn kělián shé, jiù bǎ tā fàng zài huái lǐ.

When the heat on his body warmed the snake, the snake soon woke up, revealed its cruel nature, and gave the farmer a fatal injury - a bite.
Dāng tā shēnshang de rèqì bǎ shé wēnnuǎn yǐhòu, shé hěn kuài sūxǐngle, lùchūle cánrěn de běnxìng, gěile nóngfū zhìmìng de shānghài——yǎole nóngfū yīkǒu.

Before the farmer died, he said, "I saved a poor poisonous snake. I deserve this kind of retribution!"
Nóngfū lín sǐ zhīqián shuō:“Wǒ jìngrán jiùle yītiáo kělián de dúshé, jiù yīnggāi shòudào zhè zhǒng bàoyìng a!”

This story tells us that helping people should first learn to distinguish between good and bad.
zhège gùshì gàosù wǒmen, bāngzhù rénmen shǒuxiān yào xuéhuì fēnqīng hǎo huài.

Then we should use the right method to prevent ourselves from being hurt.
ránhòu háishì yào yòng zhèngquè de fāngfǎ, cáinéng ràng zìjǐ bù shòu shānghài.

They have lashed out at the evil people who will repay the kindness and the hypocrites who help the evil people.
biān tà le nà xiē ēn jiāng chou bào de èr én hé bang zhù èr én de wèi shàn de rén.

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