Children Story-Little tadpole looks for his mother-xiao ke dou zhao ma ma 小蝌蚪找妈妈

Monday, January 16, 2023

There are a group of small tadpoles in the pond, with big heads and dark gray bodies, swinging their long tails, swimming happily.

The little tadpole swam. After a few days, it grew two hind legs. When they saw that the mother carp was teaching the little carp to hunt, they went up to her and asked, "Aunt carp, where is our mother?" The mother carp said, "Your mother has four legs and a wide mouth. Go there and find her!"

The little tadpole swam. After a few days, it grew two front legs. They saw a turtle swimming in the water with four legs swinging. They quickly ran after it and shouted, "Mom, Mom!" The turtle smiled and said, "I'm not your mother. Your mother has two big eyes on her head and wears green clothes. Go there and find her!"

The tadpole swam. After a few days, its tail became shorter. When they swam to the lotus, they saw a big frog squatting on the lotus leaf, dressed in green clothes, with a snow-white belly exposed and big eyes bulging.

The little tadpole swam over and cried, "Mom, Mom!" The mother frog looked down and said with a smile, "Good boy, you have grown into a frog, jump up quickly!" They kicked their hind legs, jumped forward and jumped onto the lotus leaf.

I don't know when the little frog's tail has disappeared. They follow their mother to catch pests every day.


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