A Monkey's Moonlit Catch-猴子捞月 (hóu zi lāo yuè)

Wednesday, November 8, 2023

"猴子捞月" (hóu zi lāo yuè) is a popular Chinese idiom with an amusing story. Long ago, in a tranquil village, a group of playful monkeys lived near a clear pond. One night, as they gazed at the reflection of the moon on the water's surface, they were intrigued.

One clever monkey named Sun Wukong (孙悟空 - Sūn Wùkōng) decided to reach for the moon's reflection, thinking it was a delicious fruit. He extended his hand toward the water, but the moon's reflection remained just out of reach. Sun Wukong's efforts continued, with him leaping and stretching, but the 月亮 (yuè liang) moon's reflection eluded him.

As the night wore on, the other monkeys watched, amused by Sun Wukong's determination to catch the unattainable. The humorous sight left everyone in stitches, teaching them a valuable lesson about pursuing unrealistic goals.

月亮 (yuè liang), noun, moon

  1. The moon is bright in the night sky.
    Yuèliang zài yèkōng zhōng míngliàng.
  2. I love watching the moon and stars at night.
    Wǒ xǐhuān zài wǎnshàng kàn yuèliang hé xīngxīng.

The Inspiration (启发 - Qǐfā)

"猴子捞月" (hóu zi lāo yuè) serves as a lighthearted reminder that some goals are unattainable, no matter how hard we strive. In today's fast-paced world, people often chase after impossible dreams, sometimes to the detriment of more achievable pursuits. This story encourages us to set 现实的 (xiàn shí de) realistic goals and not to waste energy on the unattainable.

现实的 (xiàn shí de), adj, realistic

  1. His goal to save money for a vacation is realistic and achievable.
    Tā wèi dùjià cún qián de mùbiāo shì xiànshí de qiě kě shíxiàn de.
  2. Setting realistic expectations helps avoid disappointment.
    Shèdìng xiànshí de qīwàng yǒuzhù yú bìmiǎn shīwàng.

Modern Application (现代如何运用 - Xiàndài Rúhé Yùnyòng)

The story of "猴子捞月" (hóu zi lāo yuè) is a fun analogy for the pursuit of unrealistic goals. In today's world, where ambition and aspirations run high, it is essential to differentiate between attainable and unattainable objectives. This story encourages us to set meaningful, achievable goals and work towards them effectively.

Key Sentences:

  1. His dream of owning a private jet is like a monkey trying to snatch the moon.
    Tā yǒngyǒu sīrén fēijī de mèngxiǎng jiùxiàng hóuzi lāo yuè yīyàng.
  2. His attempt to win the lottery with just one ticket was like a monkey trying to snatch the moon.
    Tā jǐn píng yī zhāng cǎipiào xiǎng zhòngjiǎng, jiù rútóng hóuzi lāo yuè.
  3. Attempting to buy a luxury car with pocket change is akin to a monkey trying to snatch the moon.
    Shìtú yòng língqián gòumǎi háochē jiù xiàng hóuzi lāo yuè.

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