Fuxi, One of the Three Emperors of the Chinese Nation

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Fuxi, one of the three emperors of the Chinese nation, was also the God who blessed the country with Nuwa. Secretary Chu Bo named him the creator God, the earliest documented creator God in China. Fuxi is the cultural ancestor of the Chinese nation in ancient legends, the earliest King recorded in Chinese ancient books and one of the ancestors of Chinese medicine.

Fu Xi

It is said that Fuxi people first had a snake body, married Nuwa brothers and sisters, and had children. According to the changes of all things in the world, he invented the eight trigrams of divination and created words, ending the history of "tying ropes and recording events". He also tied rope into a net, used it to catch birds and hunt, taught people the method of fishing and hunting, invented the harp and created music. Fu Xi died 111 years after he became king, leaving a large number of myths and legends about Fu Xi.

Fuxi had sacred virtue, United and unified all tribes in China, set its capital in chendi and granted Zen to Mount Tai. [9] Fuxi took the body of the python, the head of the crocodile, the horn of the stag, the eyes of the tiger, the scales of the red carp, the legs of the giant lizard, the claws of the goshawk, the tail of the white shark and the beard of the fin whale, and founded the totem dragon of the Chinese nation, from which the descendants of the Dragon came.

Fu Xi looked up at the clouds, rain and snow, thunder and lightning in the sky, saw the strong wind and fog on the ground, and observed birds and animals. According to the principle of the change of yin and Yang between heaven and earth, he created the eight trigrams, which summarized everything between heaven and earth with eight simple but profound symbols. He imitated spiders in nature to make webs for fishing and hunting. He also created words instead of tying knots on the rope.

Fuxi formulated the human marriage system, implemented the dual system of men and women, and used deer skin as the bride price. And take the animals as the surname, or plants, residence and official position as the surname, so as to prevent random marriage and close relative marriage, so that the Chinese surname originated from this time and continues to this day.

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