Let’s Guess Chinese Riddles About Daily (Part 3)

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Today, we dive into yet another fascinating riddle that highlights an everyday object found in every kitchen. These riddles not only entertain but also provide a glimpse into Chinese culture and the significance of various daily items. Let's unravel today's riddle:

  1. Not afraid of water from above, not afraid of fire from below; 
    Shàng bù pà shuǐ, xià bù pà huǒ;
  2. every kitchen has one.
    jiā jiā chúfáng, dōu yǒu yī gè.


锅 (Guō) - Pot

The Riddle's Significance

This riddle cleverly describes the pot's resilience and its essential role in every kitchen:

  • "上不怕水" (Not afraid of water from above): This indicates that the pot is often used for boiling or steaming, processes involving water.
  • "下不怕火" (Not afraid of fire from below): This highlights the pot's ability to withstand direct heat, making it ideal for cooking over a stove or open flame.
  • "家家厨房,都有一个" (Every kitchen has one): This underscores the ubiquity and necessity of the pot in daily culinary practices.

Key Sentences:

  1. I am cooking soup in the pot. 
    Wǒ zài guō lǐ zhǔ tāng.
  2. The pot is on the stove. 
    Guō zài lúzi shàng.
  3. She washed the pot after dinner. 
    Tā zài wǎncān hòu xǐle guō.

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