A young girl from the USA is learning Chinese to prepare for future travels with her mother and potential career opportunities

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

My name is Wenwen, and I am a 13-year-old girl from the USA. I am currently studying at a middle school and feel grateful for the opportunity to learn Chinese from my primary teacher, Niki. Initially, I began learning Chinese out of interest and a desire to communicate with others in the language. Additionally, I hope to travel to China with my mother in the future.

Wenwen learn Chinese at Global Mandarin

At the beginning of my Chinese learning journey, I struggled with distinguishing between the sounds 'ou' and 'o'. I understood only a few simple words and needed my teacher to translate most of the class materials. As a result, I lacked confidence in my ability to learn Chinese.

However, under the patient guidance of my teacher, I have been making progress every day. With time and effort, I have developed a solid foundation in Chinese Pinyin, which has made reading and speaking easier for me. Nonetheless, memorizing and writing Chinese characters still requires a lot of practice.

As I do not have a specific study plan myself, I rely on the systematic guidance of my teacher. She has helped me to expand my vocabulary and grammar, taught me new Chinese characters through pictures, videos, and stories, and introduced me to various aspects of Chinese local culture, such as weather, food, and festivals. The course content is rich and engaging. My primary teacher is not only my teacher but also my best Chinese friend and older sister.

After nearly two years of learning Chinese, I can now read Chinese characters without the aid of Pinyin. This progress has made me very excited, and I cannot wait to share my newly acquired vocabulary and sentences with my mother. I even enjoy teaching Chinese to my mother. My teacher always encourages me to express myself bravely in Chinese while providing love and support. Consequently, my oral expression has improved significantly.

Moreover, from the many historical and cultural anecdotes shared by my teacher, I am increasingly fascinated by China. I told Niki that I would love to travel to China with my mother if given the chance.

Wenwen and her mother

Learning Chinese has allowed me not only to speak the language but also to gain insight into Chinese history and culture. I have developed a great interest in China, and I hope to visit it someday. Consequently, I am working hard to learn Chinese well so that I can prepare for my future.

I enjoy learning Chinese and plan to continue studying with ChineseLearning to deepen my understanding of China.

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