A doctor based in Sydney is working to improve their Chinese skills to better assist their Chinese-speaking patients

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

My name is Zin Lwin, and I am a clinic doctor based in Sydney, Australia. I studied Chinese when I was in middle school, but it has been more than ten years since I last practiced the language. Recognizing the importance of Chinese language proficiency in both my work and personal life, I have decided to learn Medical Chinese to better serve the Chinese community in my city.

A doctor in Sydney to improve Chinese

While I can understand Chinese, speaking the language is more difficult for me than listening. Although my oral expression is quite good, I lack an immersive language environment to practice in. Book learning has its limitations, and I often forget what I've learned about medical topics without any discussion partners. Additionally, I struggle with knowing how to use certain sentences, despite having studied many medical topics.

I was puzzled about my learning methods until I found my ChineseLearning Teacher, Vicky. She helped me develop a detailed study plan and provided me with practical medical experience topics to consolidate my language skills. She also encouraged me to engage in voice or text turn-taking exercises at any time.

For me, communication is the most effective way to learn another language. I am now very active in my studies and willing to express my needs. I consider myself lucky to have met Vicky, who maintains an active and pragmatic classroom approach and displays warmth and patience. We chose a professional, practical, and interesting teaching material, and Vicky's PowerPoint presentations make every class lively and engaging. I have learned a lot and can apply my new knowledge to my work after class. I have been studying with CL for nearly a year, and I plan to continue studying with them.

A doctor in Sydney to improve Chinese

As a doctor, it is my duty to preserve life. I hope that I can continue to help even more patients in the future.

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