Do you know the difference between Pinyin and Roman alphabet?

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Chinese pinyin is the most important auxiliary tool for modern Chinese people to learn and recognize Chinese characters, but when we come into contact with English, we will find that Chinese pinyin is almost the same as 26 English letters. Why are Chinese Pinyin so similar to English letters? What is their relationship?

In fact, Pinyin alphabet is a kind of spelling symbol based on the form of Latin alphabet (represented by English alphabet). Although Pinyin looks the same as Latin letters, there are great differences in pronunciation and usage. Pinyin is used to spell the pronunciation of Chinese characters, and cannot be used for writing. Each Pinyin symbol corresponds to a kind of initials and finals; The Latin alphabet is a part of words and sentences of Latin language families such as English, and some letters also have practical significance.

Pinyin alphabet

Consonants and vowels in Chinese Pinyin

In short, for Latin speaking countries, the Latin alphabet is their Chinese characters, and Pinyin is just a tool for Chinese people to borrow the shell of the Latin alphabet to assist in learning Chinese characters.

Roman alphabet

26 English letters

As for why Chinese people use Latin alphabet instead of other alphabets or self-created symbols for pinyin? This also starts from the spelling history of Chinese characters. You can see more funny knowledge at learning Chinese pinyin.

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