How many Chinese pinyin tone mark do you know?

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Pinyin tone refers to the tone in Mandarin, usually called four tones.

There is also a special tone in Chinese, called soft tone, sometimes called the fifth tone, which is not marked in Chinese pinyin. Some scholars believe that the "fifth tone" is not accurate. Although light tone can distinguish semantics, it is usually not included in one of the "four tones" in Chinese, because tone is the pitch form of normal stressed syllables. In terms of pitch, the light tone has only the characteristics of sound area, and the tone has the characteristics of arch.

Chinese pinyin tone mark

Chinese Pinyin tone symbols:

The tone sign is marked on the main vowel of the syllable. Don't mark softly. For example:

凹 āo(阴平yi sheng)熬 áo(阳平er sheng)袄 ǎo(上声 san sheng)澳 ào(去声 si sheng) ɑo(轻声)

Each Chinese character is composed of a syllable composed of vowels and initials. The tone should be marked on the upper part of the vowel, which can also be omitted for convenience. The tone of voice affects the position of the tongue, not just the vocal cords.

The rules for the tone position of Chinese Pinyin are as follows:

If there are two vowels (vowels) and the first vowel (vowel) is I, u, or u, the tone is marked on the second vowel (vowel). In other cases, the tone should be marked on the first vowel (vowel).

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