Chinese spelling alphabet – phonetic vowel table(yun mu)

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Chinese Pinyin alphabet, vowel (Y ù n m ǔ) It is a Chinese phonological term, which refers to the parts other than the initials and tones of Chinese characters. The old name is rhyme. Vowels are composed of three parts: beginning (preposition), abdomen (main vowel) and ending; According to finals, they can be divided into single syllable, compound vowel and simple final vowel.

phonetic vowel table-yun mu

Chinese phonetic vowel table: a, o, e, i, u, ü, ai, ei, ui, ao, ou, iu, ie, ü e, er, an, en, in, un, ü n, ang, eng, ing, ong.

Classification of Chinese phonetic vowels (based on the textbook of Chinese phonetic alphabet in Chinese in primary school):

(1) simple final vowels: a, o, e, i, u, u;

(2) Compound vowels: ai, ei, ui, ao, ou, iu, ie, ü e;

(3) Special Vowel: er;

(4) Nasal vowels: an, en, in, un, ü n, ang, eng, ing, ong;

(1) Anterior nasal vowels: an, en, in, un, ü n;

(2) Back nasal vowels: ang, eng, ing, ong.

There are 24 finals in the Chinese language of primary school, including 6 simple final rhymes, 8 Multiple finals, 1 special vowels, 9 nasal vowels (5 nose nose vowels, 4 4 rear nasal vowels).

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