Chinese Pinyin alphabet-Overall syllable recognition(zheng ti ren du)

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Chinese Pinyin alphabet, the overall recognition syllable of Chinese Pinyin generally refers to the syllable whose pronunciation is still the same as that of the initial after adding a vowel (or the pronunciation is still the same as that of the initial after adding a vowel), that is, the syllable that can be recognized directly without spelling, so the overall recognition syllable should be read out directly.

zhengti rendu yinjie

The overall recognition syllables of Chinese Pinyin include: zhi, chi, shi, ri, zi, ci, si, yi, wu, yu, ye, yue, yin, yun, yuan and ying, totaling 16.

The overall recognition of syllables can be divided into two categories: flat tongue sound and warped tongue sound. There are three flat tongues: z, c and s; There are four tongue sounds: zh, ch, sh and r.

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