Chinese Characters with The "U" Sound

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

How can we make learning Chinese characters simple and fun? Some Chinese characters share same sound parts and even sound the same or similar. The main difference is the changing radicals that embed certain meanings. Today we are learning about the "u" sound. Here are some Chinese characters to sound out and remember.

主 zhǔ   主人: host

柱 zhù = 木(wood)+主   pillar 
tā zuò zài zhù zi pánɡ biān  
他 坐  在  柱  子 旁   边   。
He sat by the pillar.

住 zhù =亻(person)+主  live 
wǒ zhù zài zhōnɡ ɡuó  
我 住  在  中    国  。 
I live in China.

蛀 zhù = 虫(reptiles)+主   eat (by moth) 
pínɡ ɡuǒ bèi chónɡ zhù le 
苹   果  被  虫    蛀  了 。 
 The apples were eaten by moth.


古 gǔ   古代: ancient times

姑 gū=女(female)+古   aunt 
wǒ yǒu yí ɡè ɡū ɡu 
我 有  一 个 姑 姑 。
I have an aunt.

枯 kū = 木(wood)+古   withered 
zhè duǒ huā kū wěi le  
这  朵  花  枯 萎  了 。 
The flower withered.

苦 kǔ = 艹(grass)+古   bitter 
kā fēi yóu dián ér kǔ  
咖 啡  有  点   儿 苦 。
The coffee is a bit bitter


胡 hú   胡子: mustache

湖 hú =氵(water)+胡    lake 
wǒ jiā mén qián yǒu yí ɡè hú 
我 家  门  前   有  一 个 湖 。
There is a lake in front of my house.

葫 hú =艹(grass)+胡 葫芦(lu)  bottle gourd 
hú lu bèi chónɡ zhù le  
葫 芦 被  虫    蛀  了 。 
The bottle gourd was eaten by worms.

蝴 hú=虫(worm)+胡 蝴蝶(dié) butterfly
hú dié fēi lái fēi qù  
蝴 蝶  飞  来  飞  去 。 
Butterflies fly around.

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