Why Should You Wear Red in Animal Year?

Thursday, January 12, 2023

The cycle of the zodiac is 12 years. Chinese people say that every 12 years is an animal year. This year is considered to be an unlucky year. According to the tradition, people will offend the God of Age in their zodiac year of birth. In order to drive away bad luck, ancient people began to worship red as a happy and auspicious color. The custom of wearing red clothes is to make the year of your birth more prosperous and auspicious, like wearing red underwear, red socks, or red hats.

red clothes, 红衣服, hong yi fu

Now we will learn some sentences about “animal year”:

1. 本命年/běn mìng nián
Animal year, zodiac year of birth, big year

2. 2022年/nián是/shì我/wǒ的/de本命年/běnmìngnián,我/wǒ 24岁/suì了/le。
2022 is my zodiac year of birth, that’s say I’m 24 now.

3. 在/zài我/wǒ的/de本命年/běnmìngnián,妈妈/māma会/huì准备/zhǔnbèi 很多/hěnduō红色/hóngsè的/de衣服/yīfu作为/zuòwéi礼物/lǐwù送/sòng 我/wǒ 。
In my big year, my mother prepared a lot of red clothes for me as gifts.

4. 传说/chuánshuō中/zhōng,人们/rénmen会/huì在/zài本命年/běnmìngnián 犯/fàn太岁/tàisuì。
According to the tradition, people will offend the God of Age in their zodiac year of birth.

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