The historical value of the Chinese zodiac culture(sheng xiao wen hua)

Thursday, January 12, 2023

The zodiac culture (sheng xiao wen hua) involves the relationship between people and themselves, between people and nature, between people, and between people and society. It contains deep ideas, is closely related to reality, and comprehensively reflects the customs, thinking patterns, ethics, values, aesthetic interests, etc. of all ethnic groups.

Chinese zodiac culture

The zodiac culture contains rich traditional ideas:

(1) Unity of heaven and man: the Chinese zodiac is the image representative of the heavenly stems and earthly branches. It is deeply influenced by the traditional philosophy of Yin, Yang and five elements, reflecting the unity of heaven and man.

(2) Ecological consciousness: Animal Worship emphasizes the role of animals in human production and life, including simple ecological concept.

(3) Traditional morality: fables, idioms and literary works reflect people's moral character and convey traditional values by advocating and whipping animal temperament.

(4) Community awareness: the zodiac folk custom has a wide audience and is regional and national. We celebrate and enjoy the festival activities together to enhance the cohesion and identity of the community and even the nation.

(5) Equality and affinity to the people: the zodiac is one for all, fair and open, and imperial power is difficult to change. The mainstream of zodiac culture belongs to civilian culture, which is popular and life-saving.

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