Marriage knowledge about Twelve Zodiac Culture

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Do you know Marriage knowledge about Twelve Zodiac Culture? Let’s go.

Dizhi five elements match, tiger rabbit is wood; Horse snake fire; Rattus water; Golden Monkey chicken; Cattle, dragons, sheep and dogs belong to the soil, and their derived combinations affect the mate selection, marriage and even fate of men and women.

Twelve Zodiac Culture

The zodiac is auspicious with "three Harmonies(san he)" and "Six Harmonies(liu he)". Sanhe refers to shenzichen Heshui Bureau, Haimao Weimu Bureau, yinwuxu Heshui Bureau and siyouchou alloy Bureau. Six Harmonies refer to rat, ox, tiger, pig, rabbit, dog, dragon chicken, snake, monkey, horse and sheep.

Zodiac combinations need to avoid impact, harm and punishment. "Collision" refers to the relative direction and easy conflict, that is, rats and horses, cattle and sheep, tigers and monkeys, rabbits and chickens, dragons and dogs, snakes and pigs. What is more taboo is "mutual harm", that is, the hedge of six harmonies, "since ancient times, white horses are afraid of green cattle. Once sheep and mice intersect, they will stop. Snake tiger marriage is like a wrong knife, and rabbits see the tears of the Dragon King. Golden chickens and jade dogs are difficult to avoid, and pigs and apes don't end". The most serious is "mutual punishment", the rat and rabbit is "rude punishment", the tiger, snake and monkey are "potential punishment", the cattle, sheep and dogs are "ungrateful punishment", and there are four groups of "self punishment" of dragons, horses, chickens and pigs.

There are also "one wound in the fight between dragons and tigers", "two sheep don't live long", "two tigers are different mountains", "green dragons conquer white tigers", "tigers and mice don't get married" and so on. Zodiac marriage is more harsh for women, such as "when a tiger enters the door, it hurts people", "women are sheep, hard life root, Kefu.

The marriage period also involves the zodiac. Men and women with different zodiac signs have their own "forbidden marriage year". After avoiding the forbidden marriage year, there are two "big benefit months" and "small benefit months" for the female zodiac sign in a year. The woman's wedding month is: Zheng Qi Ying chicken exemption, 28 tigers and monkeys, 39 snakes and pigs, 40 dragons and dogs, 51 cattle and sheep, 62 rats and horses. That is, the first month and July are the big profit months for girls belonging to chicken and rabbit to get married, and the rest are analogized in turn. The female life line marries Xiaoli month as follows: rat and horse in July, snake and pig in February, March and September, tiger and monkey, 40 cattle and sheep, dragon and dog 51, chicken and rabbit as early as six. That is, the first month and July are Xiaoli months for horse girls to marry, and the rest are in turn.

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