Free-spirited: Sagittarius-射手座 (shè shǒu zuò)

Tuesday, November 28, 2023

射手座 (shè shǒu zuò) Sagittarius, the ninth sign of the zodiac, is a fire sign symbolized by the Archer. Ruled by Jupiter, the planet of expansion and growth, Sagittarians are known for their adventurous spirit and love for exploration. Let's explore the origins, symbolism, personality traits, and dynamics with other zodiac signs that define the spirited Sagittarius.

Origin and Mythology of 射手座 (shè shǒu zuò)

The roots of 射手座 (shè shǒu zuò) Sagittarius lie in ancient Greek mythology, where the sign is often associated with the centaur Chiron. Chiron, a wise and skilled healer, was also an expert archer. The Archer symbolizes the centaur's dual nature – the balance between the intellectual and the instinctual. This mythological connection reflects Sagittarius' pursuit of knowledge, 智慧 (zhì huì) wisdom, and the continuous quest for higher understanding.

Another myth related to Sagittarius involves Zeus transforming Sagittarius into a centaur, half-human and half-horse, to escape pursuit in the sky. The name "Sagittarius" may derive from this myth, expressing the innate inclination for journeys and adventures.

These mythological stories collectively portray Sagittarius as a constellation characterized by wisdom, curiosity, a thirst for adventure, and a continuous desire for learning. They also explain Sagittarius' eagerness for knowledge and the indomitable spirit of exploring the unknown.

智慧 (zhì huì), noun, wisdom


  1. Wisdom comes with experience.
    Zhìhuì suízhe jīngyàn ér lái.
  2. Seeking wisdom is a lifelong journey.
    Xúnqiú zhìhuì shì yīshēng de lǚchéng.

Lucky Numbers and Colors

Sagittarius is linked to the lucky numbers 3, 7, and 9. These numbers represent optimism, spirituality, and expansive energy. The colors associated with Sagittarius are purple and blue, symbolizing inspiration, intuition, and the vastness of the celestial journey that Sagittarians are eager to undertake.

Personality Traits

Individuals born under Sagittarius are characterized by their enthusiasm, optimism, and a love for freedom. They have a strong sense of justice and honesty, coupled with a thirst for knowledge. Sagittarians are natural explorers, both intellectually and physically, seeking to broaden their horizons and embrace new experiences. However, their spontaneity and independence may sometimes lead to a lack of 耐心 (nài xīn) patience or a tendency to be overly blunt.

 耐心 (nài xīn), noun, patience


  1. Patience is a virtue in challenging situations.
    Zài kùnjìng zhōng, nàixīn shì yī zhǒng měidé.
  2. Developing patience is essential for personal growth.
    Péiyǎng nàixīn duì yú gèrén chéngzhǎng zhìguān zhòngyào.

Key Sentences:

  1. Sagittarius explores new horizons with enthusiasm.
    Shèshǒu zuò chōngmǎn rèqíng de tànsuǒ xīn de shìyě.
  2. Sagittarius seeks wisdom through diverse experiences.
    Shèshǒu zuò tōngguò gèzhǒng jīnglì xúnzhǎo zhìhuì.
  3. I am a Sagittarius.
    Wǒ shì shèshǒu zuò.

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