Benmingnian is About Twelve Zodiac Culture

Thursday, January 12, 2023

Benmingnian(本命年) is considered in relation to the 12 Terrestrial Branches.This year refers to the year in which the lunar Zodiac occurs once in 12 years, commonly known as the zodiac year.

ben ming nian

"The year of benmingnian is an auspicious year, so it is also called" the year of Kaner ". Everywhere has the tradition of hanging red to ward off evil spirits in the year of birth. On the 30th of the lunar new year, every year of the life, adults and children put on red underwear, red underwear and red belt. It is best to wear red accessories, such as red silk rope and red collar. This is the so-called "life red". In some places, it is forbidden to go out on New Year's Eve, and married men have to be accompanied by women.

Taoism deifies sixty Jiazi into Taisui God, such as Xin Chou Taisui, Yang Xin, renyin Taisui and he Ge. I was born in Ganzhi year, which is called "my life is too old", and I was "worth too old" in that year. People's good and bad luck and annual luck are controlled by Taisui God. In the Yuanchen Hall of Baiyun Taoist temple in Beijing, a 60 year old son Taisui God was molded.

On the lunar new year or their birthdays, people go to the Yuanchen hall to worship the value of Nian Taisui and Benming Taisui, hoping to solve the disaster.


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