The Power of Words: One Word is Worth a Thousand Dollars-一字千金 (yī zì qiān jīn)

Thursday, May 16, 2024

In the annals of human history, the potency of words has remained undeniably profound. From ancient times to the present day, language and its written form have served as the primary vehicles for communication and the expression of thoughts. In today’s society, the power of words is even more significant. In this blog post, we will delve into the concept of "one word is worth a thousand dollars" and explore its relevance in our daily lives and the business world.

Understanding "One Word is Worth a Thousand Dollars"

"One word is worth a thousand dollars" is an ancient adage that underscores the value and significance of language. It emphasizes the preciousness of succinct 简洁的 (jiǎn jié de) and impactful expression. Sometimes, a single word can encapsulate profound meaning far more effectively than lengthy discourse. In communication, a well-chosen word can have unexpected effects, altering circumstances or even destinies.

简洁的 (jiǎn jié de), adj, succinct


  1. Her succinct answer impressed the audience.
    Tā de jiǎnjié huídá gěi guānzhòng liúxiàle shēnkè yìnxiàng.
  2. The teacher's instructions were succinct and clear.
    Lǎoshī de zhǐshì jiǎnmíng qīngxī.

The Power of Language

Words have the ability to change the world. A simple phrase, or even a single word, can inspire, influence, or deeply move individuals. The power of language extends beyond personal interactions; it permeates through politics, culture, commerce, and various other domains. It is through the potency of words that knowledge is conveyed, emotions are expressed, relationships are built, and societal 社会的 (shè huì de) transformations are spearheaded.

社会的 (shè huì de), adj, societal


  1. His behavior reflects societal norms.
    Tā de xíngwéi fǎnyìngle shè huì guīfàn.
  2. Education plays a crucial role in societal development.


    Jiàoyù zài shè huì fāzhǎn zhōng bànyǎn zhe guānjiàn de juésè.

Key Sentences:

  1. His encouragement acted as a one-word charm.
    Tā de gǔlì qǐdàole yīzì qiān jīn de zuòyòng.
  2. Her advice was like a one-word fortune.
    Tā de jiànyì jiù xiàng yīzì qiān jīn.
  3. In difficult times, a single apology is worth a thousand gold coins.
    Zài kùnnán de shíhòu, yījù dàoqiàn yīzì qiān jīn.

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