The Most Popular Four-Character Internet Slang: YYDS (yǒng yuǎn dī shén)

Friday, April 12, 2024

In the world of the internet, new trends in language emerge constantly, among which a special category exists known as four-character internet slang. Within this realm of popular phrases, one particularly noteworthy term stands out – YYDS.

What is YYDS

YYDS is an abbreviation for 永远滴神 (yǒng yuǎn dī shén) which translates to "Forever God" in English. It originated as a catchphrase from a gaming live streamer but gradually found widespread use within Chinese internet culture. It's not just a phrase but a way to express profound 深刻的 (shēn kè de) admiration or praise towards someone or something.

深刻的 (shēn kè de), adj, profound


  1. This book provides many profound insights.
    Zhè běn shū tígōngle xǔduō shēnkè de jiànjiě.
  2. His analysis of this issue is very profound.
    Tā duì zhège wèntí de fēnxī fēicháng shēnkè.

Usage of YYDS

Using YYDS is straightforward; it's typically employed to express admiration or praise towards someone, something, or a particular state of being. You can often find it across various social media platforms, gaming live streams, and comment sections, serving as a means for netizens 网民 (wǎng mín) to express emotions and admiration.

网民 (wǎng mín), noun, netizens


  1. Netizens are discussing the latest topics on social media.
    Wǎng mín zài shèjiāo méitǐ shàng tǎolùn zhe zuìxīn de huàtí.
  2. The reactions of netizens to this new policy vary.
    Wǎng mínmen duì zhège xīn zhèngcè de fǎnyìng gè bù xiāngtóng.

Impact of YYDS

As one of the popular internet slangs, YYDS has had a significant impact among internet users:

  • Expressing Emotions: YYDS serves as a positive means of expressing admiration and respect towards others, enhancing the cohesion within online communities.
  • Facilitating Interaction: In online interactions, YYDS is frequently used to praise skilled gamers, outstanding live streamers, or other accomplished individuals, fostering social engagement and interaction.
  • Spreading Positive Energy: The positive emotions and praise conveyed by YYDS contribute to cultivating a positive online atmosphere, spreading positive energy, and inspiring others to strive for excellence.

Key Sentences:

  1. Jack's gaming skills are incredible, YYDS!
    Jiékè de yóuxì jìnéng tài bàngle, YYDS!
  2. The concert last night was amazing, YYDS!
    Zuówǎn de yīnyuèhuì tài jīngcǎile, YYDS!
  3. Her dedication to work is truly admirable, YYDS!
    Tā duì gōngzuò de fèngxiàn jīngshén zhēn lìngrén qīnpèi, YYDS!

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