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Tuesday, January 16, 2024

With the development of society, new vocabulary continues to emerge in the Chinese language, reflecting the changes of the times and the focal points of people's attention. This article will introduce three recently popular Chinese terms, exploring their meanings and their applications in daily life.

佛系 (fó xì) - Buddha-like Attitude

The term "佛系" (fó xì) originated in Japan and quickly gained popularity after being introduced into the Chinese language. It describes an attitude towards life that is not overly obsessed with success, free from anxiety, and accepting of whatever comes. In modern society, the younger generation is gradually adopting the "佛系" attitude, characterized by a calm approach to things and maintaining equanimity in the face of success and failure. On social media, people often use "佛系" to describe their life philosophy, emphasizing a relaxed and composed lifestyle.

Here are some examples of everyday expressions using the term '佛系':

  1. I've been really busy at work lately, but I choose to adopt a Buddha-like attitude and not let the stress affect my mood.
    Wǒ zuìjìn gōngzuò chāojí máng, dàn wǒ xuǎnzé fó xì duìdài, bù huì ràng yālì yǐngxiǎng wǒ de xīnqíng.
  2. After the breakup, I decided to adopt a Buddha-like single life for a while, enjoying the time for self-growth.
    Fēnshǒu hòu, wǒ juédìng fó xì dānshēn yīduàn shíjiān, xiǎngshòu dúzì chéngzhǎng de shíguāng.

脱单 (tuō dān) - Get Out of Singleness

The term "脱单" (tuō dān) is an abbreviation for "脱离单身状况" (get out of the single status) and is used to describe successfully moving out of a single status and finding a significant other. In modern social media, especially on dating and friendship platforms, people frequently use "脱单" to share their romantic experiences and moments of joy.

Here are some examples of everyday expressions using the term '脱单':

  1. I feel it's time to get out of singleness; I'm actively participating in social activities to find someone.
    Wǒ juédé gāi nǔlì tuō dān le, kāishǐ jījí cānjiā shèjiāo huódòng.
  2. Friends often discuss my progress in getting out of singleness, giving me a lot of advice.
    Péngyǒumen chángcháng wéizhàozhe wǒ de tuō dān jìnzhǎn jìnxíng tǎolùn, gěi le wǒ hěnduō jiànyì.

双标 (shuāng biāo) - Double Standard

"双标" (shuāng biāo) refers to applying different standards to the same thing or behavior based on different individuals or groups. In recent years, this term has frequently appeared in public opinion discussions, used to criticize unfair practices by individuals or organizations when addressing issues. On social media, people initiate discussions by sharing instances of double standards, emphasizing the importance of fairness and equality.

Here are some examples of everyday expressions using the term '双标': 

  1. Media reports show the existence of double standards.
    Zào jù gēn pīnyīn: Méitǐ bàodǎo cúnzài shuāng biāo xiànxiàng.
  2. They always apply double standards when dealing with male and female employees.
    Zào jù gēn pīnyīn: Tāmen zǒng shì duìdài nánnǚ yuángōng cúnzài shuāng biāo.

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