Return to the Top: Make a Comeback-东山再起 (dōng shān zài qǐ)

Friday, May 17, 2024

In the journey of life, we all may encounter setbacks and failures. However, true heroes are not those who give up in the face of failure but those who find strength in adversity, strive to recover, and rise to the top once again. Today, we will explore this inspiring theme: making a comeback.

Story Introduction

Let's start with a story. The protagonist of this story is a young entrepreneur who embarked on a challenging journey towards his dreams. He faced consecutive failures and setbacks, at times losing confidence. However, instead of succumbing to despair, he dedicated himself to learning, improving, and persistently pursuing his goals. Eventually, he successfully turned the tide and realized his dreams, becoming a successful businessperson.

This story's protagonist demonstrated the power of making a comeback, overcoming adversity, and proving the importance of perseverance and determination. His journey teaches us that no matter how great the setback, with faith in oneself and the courage to face challenges, anything is achievable 可实现的 (kě shí xiàn de).

可实现的 (kě shíxiàn de), adj, achievable


  1. It's important to set achievable goals to stay motivated.
    Shèdìng kě shíxiàn de mùbiāo hěn zhòngyào.
  2. Anything is achievable.
    Rènhé shìqíng dōu shì kěshíxiàn de.


Making a comeback is not just a story but an attitude, a philosophy of life. It teaches us not to give up easily in the face of failure but to remain steadfast, seek solutions, and continuously strive forward. As the saying goes, "Failure is the mother of success," every failure is a valuable experience that paves the way for success.

How to Use the Term in Daily Life

While "making a comeback" is originally an idiom, it can also be used to describe a state of mind or behavior in daily life. For example, when a friend experiences a setback, you can encourage them by saying, "Don't lose heart; you can make a comeback." This expression conveys support and confidence, helping them to bounce back 回 (huí).


  1. He will back soon.
    Tā huì hěn kuài huí lái.
  2. I want to back home.
    Wǒ xiǎng huí jiā.

Key Sentences:

  1. After his business failed, he managed to make a comeback and become successful again.
    Tā de shēngyì shībài hòu, tā shèfǎ dōngshān zàiqǐ, zàicì qǔdéle chénggōng.
  2. They made a remarkable comeback in the second half and won the game.
    Tāmen zài xià bànchǎng qǔdéle jīngrén de dōngshān zàiqǐ, yíngdéle bǐsài.
  3. She never gave up and made a remarkable comeback in her career.
    Tā cóngwèi fàngqì, bìng zài shìyè shàng qǔdéle lìng rén zhǔmù de dōngshān zàiqǐ.

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