New Buzzword in Fashion: Thai Spicy Pants

Tuesday, April 2, 2024

Today I want to introduce to you a new buzzword that's causing a sensation in the fashion world - "Thai Spicy"! This term originates from a popular singer known for his distinct personal style and unique musical talent, making him the new darling of the fashion world.

泰酷辣-(tài kù là)

During a variety show, when the host asked him if he was afraid of criticism, he passionately replied, "I'm a particularly stubborn person, I never care about what others say to me, just let me do it. If you can be like me, then I think it's too cool spicy." Actually, this passage was intended to convey positive energy and inspire fans to stay true 真实 (zhēn shí) to themselves. However, due to Little Ghost's limited language skills and the awkward and funny makeup, there was a hint of embarrassment and humor, giving the impression of trying to motivate people without much cultural background. Thus, it turned into an unintentional joke, and regardless of what was said, it would always end with "too cool spicy". What's even funnier is that while netizens were having fun with it, Little Ghost unexpectedly took the stage at the recent Nanshan Music Festival in Chongqing and personally played with his own catchphrase, boldly shouting, "I won't care, don't make me do anything, I don't care at all, because Chongqing hotpot has mild, medium, and insane spicy, I think this thing is too cool spicy."

真实 (zhēn shí), adj, true


  1. She always speaks the true words. 
    Tā zǒng shì shuō zhēnshí de huà.
  2. This painting depicts true emotions. 
    Zhè fú huà biǎoxiànle zhēnshí de qínggǎn.

This phrase quickly gained popularity 人气 (rén qì) on the internet, being widely shared and discussed by netizens. Some people view it as a positive attitude, encouraging individuals to bravely be themselves, while others see it as irresponsible and overly self-centered behavior. Nevertheless, Little Ghost's "too cool and spicy" statement has left a deep impression on people, becoming one of the hot topics on the internet recently.

人气 (rén qì), noun, popularity


  1. Her popularity on social media keeps increasing.
    Tā de rénqì zài shèjiāo méitǐ shàng chíxù zēngzhǎng.
  2. Her popularity in school is growing.
    tā de rénqì zài xuéxiào yuè lái yuè dà.

Key Sentences:

  1. Her smile is too cool and spicy, making people can't help but be moved.
    Tā de xiàoróng tài kù là, ràng rén rěn bù zhù xīndòng.
  2. Being true to oneself is so cool and spicy! 
    Jiānchí zuò zìjǐ zhēnshi tài kù là!
  3. I really like the positive mindset expressed by "too cool and spicy".
    Wǒ hěn xǐhuān tài kù là biǎodá de jījí sīxiǎng.

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