Let's learn some useful words for Double Eleventh Day

Wednesday, November 23, 2022

The Shopping Festival is coming, what are you preparing to buy? Here are some useful words for shopping. Let's learn together!

shuānɡ shí yī 
双     十  一 
Double Eleventh Day

mǎi mǎi mǎi 
买  买  买  
go shopping crazy

ɡuānɡ ɡùn jié 
光    棍  节  
Singles' Day

ɡòu wù chē 
购  物 车 
shopping cart

qīnɡ kōnɡ ɡòu wù chē 
清   空   购  物 车
clear shopping cart

fù dìnɡ jīn 
付 定   金  
pay a deposit

fù wěi kuǎn 
付 尾  款  
pay the remaining amount

5 zhé 
5 折 
50% discount

ɡòu wù kuánɡ 
购  物 狂  
big spender

hónɡ bāo 
红   包  
red packets

yōu huì quàn 
优  惠  券  

tuán ɡòu 
团   购  
group buying

bāo yóu 
包  邮 
postage included


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