Learn Chinese Words: dānɡ rì dá (当日达)

Sunday, December 11, 2022

A: I've used up all my toothpaste, I want to buy it online. Do you know what express delivery is faster?


(wǒde yáɡāo yònɡwánle, wǒxiǎnɡ zài wǎnɡshànɡ mǎi. nǐ zhīdào shénme kuàidì bǐjiào kuài mɑ?)

B: You can choose "same-day delivery." 


(nǐ kéyǐ xuǎnzé dānɡrìdá.)   

A: What is "same-day delivery?" I never really paid attention to that stuff. 


(shenmeshì "dānɡrìdá"?wǒ cónɡlái dōuméi zhùyì ɡuò.)  

B: To put it in a simple manner, "same-day delivery" service means that, barring something unexpected, the goods you order online today will arrive on the same day.


(jiǎndān láishuō, "dānɡrìdá" fúwù zhǐdeshì dānɡtiān wǎnɡshànɡ xiàdān de shānɡpǐn zài bùchū yìwài de qínɡkuànɡxià dānɡtiān jiùnénɡ ɡòu sònɡdào.

A: That sounds really convenient. Chinese e-commerce platforms are developing really rapidly, and they are always able to provide online shoppers the most thoughtful service. 


(zhè tīnɡqǐlái hěn fānɡbiàn.zhōnɡɡuó de diànshānɡ pínɡtái fāzhǎn dé tài xùnsù le, bìnɡ zǒnɡshì nénɡ wéi wǎnɡɡòu zhě tíɡònɡ zuì tiēxīn de fúwù.)

B: That's right. You should try it out today. A lot of foreigners living here like you like buying things online because of China's efficient and personal e-commerce services. 


(méicuò, jīntiān  nǐ jiù shìshì bā.hěnduō ɡēnnǐ yīyànɡ shēnɡhuó zài zhèlǐde wàiɡuórén yě yīnwéi zhōnɡɡuó ɡāoxiào ér tiēxīnde diànshānɡ pínɡtái fúwù ér xǐhuān shànɡle wǎnɡɡòu.)

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