HSK 5 Words: 导致 (dǎo zhì) VS 促进 (cù jìn)

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

In the vast and intricate language of Chinese, each word carries a unique weight and significance, shaping the very fabric of communication. Among these, the terms 导致 (dǎo zhì) and 促进 (cù jìn) stand out as two particularly important yet subtly distinct concepts. While both terms involve a sense of causation, their nuances and applications differ significantly, reflecting the precision and nuance inherent in the Chinese language.

导致 (dǎo zhì) typically refers to a cause-and-effect relationship, indicating that one event or action leads to another. It often has a negative connotation, associated with unfavorable or unintended outcomes.


  1. This accident was caused by careless driving.
    zhè cì shì gù shì yóu cū xīn jià shǐ dǎo zhì de。
  2. The lack of exercise led to her poor health.
    quē fá duàn liàn dǎo zhì le tā de jiàn kāng zhuàng kuàng bù jiā。
  3. Procrastination often results in missed opportunities.
    tuō yán cháng cháng dǎo zhì cuò guò jī huì。

On the other hand, 促进 (cù jìn) carries a positive connotation, referring to actions or factors that encourage or facilitate the development or progress of something. It is often associated with improvement, advancement, or positive change.


  1. Regular exercise promotes good health.
    dìng qī duàn liàn cù jìn shēn tǐ jiàn kāng。
  2. Good communication is essential for promoting teamwork.
    liáng hǎo de gōu tōng shì cù jìn tuán duì hé zuò de guān jiàn。
  3. The government policies are aimed at promoting economic growth.
    zhèng fǔ zhèng cè zhǐ zài cù jìn jīng jì zēng zhǎng。

In summary, 导致 (dǎo zhì) and 促进 (cù jìn) are two distinct words in Chinese. 导致(dǎo zhì) refers to a cause-and-effect relationship, often with negative outcomes, while 促进(cù jìn) focuses on encouraging or facilitating positive development or progress. Understanding the specific meanings and appropriate usage of these words can greatly enhance your Chinese language proficiency and ability to communicate effectively.

Quiz: Please decide whether to use 导致 (dǎo zhì) or 促进 (cù jìn) in the following sentences.

  1. 长期熬夜______身体健康问题。
    cháng qī áo yè ______ shēn tǐ jiàn kāng wèn tí。
  2. 团队合作______了项目的顺利完成。
    tuán duì hé zuò ______ le xiàng mù de shùn lì wán chéng。
  3. 政府的新政策______了经济发展。
    zhèng fǔ de xīn zhèng cè ______ le jīng jì fā zhǎn。


  1. 导致 (dǎo zhì)
  2. 促进 (cù jìn)
  3. 促进 (cù jìn)

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