HSK 5 Words: 出席 (chū xí) VS 出现 (chū xiàn)

Wednesday, March 27, 2024

In Chinese language learning, the words 出席 (chū xí) and 出现 (chū xiàn) are often confused by learners. Although both HSK words involve the concept of "appearing" or "being present," they have distinct meanings and usage contexts. In this article, we will delve into the subtleties of these two words by examining their definitions and examples of usage.

出席 (chū xí) primarily refers to being present at a formal event or meeting, usually as a participant or observer. It carries the sense of actively engaging in or witnessing an event, often with the intention of fulfilling a certain role or duty.


  1. He will attend the conference as a representative.
    tā jiāng zuò wéi dài biǎo chū xí huì yì。
  2. Unexpectedly, he showed up at the party.
    méi xiǎng dào tā jū rán chū xí le jù huì。
  3. The president was present at the ceremony.
    zǒng tǒng chū xí le dǐng lǐ。

出现 (chū xiàn), on the other hand, refers to the emergence or appearance of something, whether it's a person, object, or phenomenon. It can be used to describe the occurrence of something unexpected or notable, or simply the presence of something in a particular place or context.


  1. A new problem emerged during the project.
    zài xiàng mù shí shī guò chéng zhōng chū xiàn le xīn wèn tí。
  2. Frequent traffic congestion occurs in the city.
    chéng shì lǐ pín fán chū xiàn jiāo tōng yōng dǔ xiàn xiàng。
  3. A rainbow appeared in the sky after the rain.
    yǔ hòu tiān kōng zhōng chū xiàn le yí dào cǎi hóng。

In summary, 出席 (chū xí) and 出现 (chū xiàn) are two distinct words in Chinese. 出席 (chū xí) emphasizes the active participation or presence at a formal event or meeting, while 出现 (chū xiàn) focuses on the emergence or appearance of something, whether expected or unexpected. Understanding the specific meanings of these words and their appropriate usage can greatly enhance your Chinese language comprehension and communication skills.

Quiz: Please determine whether to use 出席 (chū xí) or 出现 (chū xiàn) in the following sentences.

  1. CEO 将 ______ 年度股东大会。
    CEO jiāng ______ nián dù gǔ dōng dà huì。
  2. 项目实施过程中经常______ 问题。
    xiàng mù shí shī guò chéng zhōng cháng jiàn ______  wèn tí。
  3. 公司面前______ 了新机遇。
    gōng sī miàn qián ______  le xīn jī yù。


  1. 出席 (chū xí)
  2. 出现 (chū xiàn)
  3. 出现 (chū xiàn)

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