HSK 5 Words:促进 (cù jìn) VS 促使 (cù shǐ)

Monday, March 25, 2024

In Chinese language learning, the HSK words 促进 (cù jìn) and 促使 (cù shǐ) are often mistaken by learners as interchangeable. While both involve the encouragement or advancement of a particular action or outcome, their nuances and applications within the Chinese cultural context are worth exploring. This article aims to delve into the subtleties of these two terms, elucidating their meanings, usages, and the specific roles they play in Chinese communication and culture.

促进 (cù jìn) primarily refers to the action of facilitating or advancing a process, development, or relationship. It often implies a positive, encouraging, or enhancing role in bringing about progress or improvement.


  1. This project will promote cultural exchange between the two countries.
    zhè gè xiàng mù jiāng cù jìn liǎng guó zhī jiān de wén huà jiāo liú。
  2. Exercise can help to promote good health.
    duàn liàn yǒu zhù yú cù jìn shēn tǐ jiàn kāng。
  3. Policies are designed to promote economic growth.
    zhè xiē zhèng cè zhǐ zài cù jìn jīng jì zēng zhǎng。

On the other hand, 促使 (cù shǐ) emphasizes the act of causing or inducing someone or something to act or change in a particular way. It often involves an external factor or influence that triggers a reaction or decision.


  1. The incentive plan prompted the employees to work harder.
    jī lì jì huà cù shǐ de yuán gōng men gèng jiā nǔ lì gōng zuò。
  2. The news prompted a heated discussion among the group.
    zhè tiáo xīn wén cù shǐ xiǎo zǔ chéng yuán men zhǎn kāi le rè liè de tǎo lùn。
  3. The accident prompted the government to take immediate action.
    zhè qǐ shì gù cù shǐ zhèng fǔ lì jí cái qǔ xíng dòng。

In summary, 促进 (cù jìn) and 促使 (cù shǐ) are two distinct words in Chinese. 促进 (cù jìn) focuses on facilitating or advancing a process, development, or relationship, often with a positive or enhancing intention. 促使 (cù shǐ), on the other hand, emphasizes the act of causing or inducing a reaction or change, often through an external factor or influence. Understanding the specific meanings of these words and their appropriate usage can greatly enhance your Chinese language proficiency and communication skills.

Quiz: Please determine whether to use 促进 (cù jìn) or 促使 (cù shǐ) in the following sentences.

  1. 新的教育政策旨在______学生的创新能力。
    xīn de jiào yù zhèng cè zhǐ zài ______ xué shēng de chuàng xīn néng lì。
  2. 这次旅行______了我对大自然的热爱。
    zhè cì lǚ xíng ______ le wǒ duì dà zì rán de rè ài。
  3. 他的成功______了更多年轻人追求梦想。
    tā de chéng gōng ______ le gèng duō nián qīng rén zhuī qiú mèng xiǎng。


  1. 促进 (cù jìn)
  2. 促使 (cù shǐ)
  3. 促使 (cù shǐ)

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