HSK Words: 逐渐 (zhú jiàn) VS 逐步 (zhú bù)

Monday, December 25, 2023

In Chinese language learning, the HSK words 逐渐 (zhú jiàn) and 逐步 (zhú bù) convey the evolution of a state or action, their meanings and usage differ slightly. In this article, we will distinguish between these two words by analyzing their meanings and usage.

逐渐 (zhú jiàn) mainly refers to the process of changing or evolving gradually, over a period of time. It emphasizes the slow and continuous nature of the change.


  1. As time passed, his English gradually improved.
    suí zhe shí jiān de tuī yí , tā de yīng yǔ zhú jiàn tí gāo le 。
  2. The temperature is gradually increasing, and summer has arrived.
    qì wēn zhú jiàn shēng gāo , xià tiān lái lín le 。
  3. She gradually adapted to the new work environment.
    tā zhú jiàn shì yìng le xīn de gōng zuò huán jìng 。

逐步 (zhú bù) implies a methodical and orderly progression towards a goal or desired state. It emphasizes the step-by-step nature of the process.


  1. We will achieve our goals step by step.
    wǒ men jiāng zhú bù shí xiàn wǒ men de mù biāo 。
  2. Scientists are gradually solving this mystery.
    kē xué jiā men zhèng zài zhú bù jiě kāi zhè gè mí tuán 。
  3. The company plans to gradually expand its business scope.
    gōng sī jì huà zhú bù tuò zhǎn qí yè wù fàn wéi 。

Quiz: Please consider whether to use 逐渐 (zhú jiàn) or 逐步 (zhú bù) in the following sentences.

  1. 汽车____取代了马。
    qì chē ____ qǔ dài le mǎ 。
  2. 加热会____破坏维生素C。
    jiā rè huì ____ pò huài wéi shēng sù C。
  3. 她的症状____恶化。or
    tā de zhèng zhuàng ____ è huà 。


  1. 逐渐 (zhú jiàn
  2. 逐渐 (zhú jiàn
  3. 逐步 (zhú bù)

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