HSK Words: 制定 (zhì dìng) VS 制作 (zhì zuò)

Monday, December 18, 2023

In Chinese language learning, 制定 (zhì dìng) 和 制作 (zhì zuò) are two words that are often confused. While both are related to the process of creating, their usage differs slightly. In this article, we will distinguish between these two HSK words by analyzing their meanings and usage.

制定 (zhì dìng) typically refers to the process of planning, designing, or creating a plan, system, or policy. It emphasizes the development of ideas and concepts into a structured and organized format.


  1. We formulated a detailed plan to ensure the smooth execution of the project.
    wǒ men zhì dìng le yí gè xiáng xì de jì huà ,yǐ què bǎo xiàng mù dì shùn lì zhí xíng 。
  2. The government formulated policies to address the economic challenges facing the country.
    zhèng fǔ zhì dìng le yī xiè liè zhèng cè , yǐ yìng duì guó jiā miàn lín de jīng jì tiǎo zhàn 。
  3. We formulated a new strategy to promote business growth.
    wǒ men zhì dìng le yī xiàng xīn de zhàn lüè , yǐ cù jìn yè wù zēng zhǎng 。

制作 (zhì zuò) is related to the process of creating or manufacturing something. It can be related to any type of making or building, from physical objects to abstract concepts. 制作 (zhì zuò) emphasizes the hands-on, practical aspect of creating something new or modifying existing things.


  1. Workers manufactured parts for the machinery.
    gōng rén men zhì zuò le jī qì suǒ xū de líng jiàn 。
  2. Artists manufactured a sculpture from clay.
    yì shù jiā men yòng nián tǔ zhì zuò le yī jiàn diāo sù 。
  3. Students manufactured a model of the solar system using paper and glue.
    xué shēng men yòng zhǐ hé jiāo shuǐ zhì zuò le yí gè tài yáng xì mó xíng 。

Quiz: Please consider whether to use 制定 (zhì dìng) VS 制作 (zhì zuò) in the following sentences.

  1. 公司在____新的战略计划时,需要充分考虑市场的变化。
    gōng sī zài ____ xīn de zhàn lüè jì huà shí,xū yào chōng fèn kǎo lǜ shì chǎng de biàn huà。
  2. 我们一起____了这个项目的时间表,以确保项目的顺利进行。   
    wǒ men yì qǐ ____ le zhè gè xiàng mù de shí jiān biǎo,yǐ jīng què xiǎn de jìn xíng。
  3. 他在____这个模型时,非常注重细节和精确度。
    tā zài ____ zhè gè mó xíng shí,fēi cháng zhù zhòng xì jié hé jīng què dù。


  1. 制定 (zhì dìng)
  2. 制定 (zhì dìng)
  3. 制作 (zhì zuò)

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