HSK Words: 掌握 (zhǎng wò) VS 把握 (bǎ wò)

Friday, November 10, 2023

Have you thought about it?  What is the difference between 掌握 (zhǎng wò) and 把握 (bǎ wò)? Today, we will learn the difference of HSK words 掌握 (zhǎng wò) and 把握 (bǎ wò).

掌握zhǎng wò): knowing things and being able to fully control and use them; Preside over and control.


  1. I don't have this knowledge.
    wǒ méi zhǎng wò zhè gè zhī shí 。
  2. She has important information.
    tā zhǎng wò le zhòng yào xìn xī 。
  3. Life is in your hands.
    shēng mìng zhǎng wò zài nǐ shǒu lǐ 。

把握bǎ wò): to hold, take, grasp abstract things.


  1. I'm not sure.
    wǒ méi yǒu bǎ wò。
  2. She took control of her own destiny.
    tā bǎ wò le zì jǐ de mìng yùn 。
  3. This is an uncertain thing.
    zhè shì yī jiàn méi bǎ wò de shì 。

Quiz:Please consider whether to use “掌握”(zhǎng wò)or “把握”(bǎ wò)in the following sentences.

  1. 今天的内容我还没完全___。
    jīn tiān de nèi róng wǒ hái méi wán quán ___。
  2. 这件事情我没有___。
    zhè jiàn shì qíng wǒ méi yǒu ___。
  3. 我要___这个语言。
     wǒ yào ___ zhè gè yǔ yán 。


  1. 掌握(zhǎng wò
  2. 把握(bǎ wò
  3. 掌握(zhǎng wò

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