HSK Words: 泄露 (xiè lòu) VS 泄漏 (xiè lòu)

Friday, November 10, 2023

Today, we will learn the HSK Words: 泄露 (xiè lòu) VS 泄漏 (xiè lòu). Just one word is different, but it has two different meanings. Why? Let's discuss it together!

“泄露” (xiè lòu) means that things that should not be known are known.


  1. Don't reveal secrets.
     bù yào xiè lòu jī mì 。
  2. This plan can't be leaked.
     zhè cì jì huà bù néng xiè lòu 。
  3. He gave away his accomplice.
     tā xiè lòu le bāng xiōng 。

“泄漏” (xiè lòu) refers to the leakage of liquid, gas, etc.


  1. The gas is leaking!
     méi qì xiè lòu le !
  2. There was a toxic gas leak here.
     zhè lǐ fā shēng guò yǒu dú qì tǐ xiè lòu 。
  3. Once a leak is found, the alarm will sound.
    yī dàn  fā xiàn xiè lòu , jǐng bào huì xiǎng 。

Quiz:Please consider whether to use “泄露”(xiè lòu) or “泄漏”(xiè lòu) in following sentences.

  1. 一个人___了秘密。
    yī gè rén ___ le mì mì 。
  2. 石油___的办法是什么?
    shí yóu ___ de bàn fǎ shì shén me ?
  3. 这些东西会被___出去。
    zhè xiē dōng xī huì bèi ___ chū qù 。


  1. 泄露(xiè lòu
  2. 泄漏(xiè lòu
  3. 泄露(xiè lòu

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