HSK Words: 惟妙惟肖 (wéi miào wéi xiào) VS 活灵活现 (huó líng huó xiàn)

Monday, November 13, 2023

In this article, we will delve into the realm of artistic expression with two HSK words that embody vividness and realism: 惟妙惟肖 (wéi miào wéi xiào) and 活灵活现 (huó líng huó xiàn). Despite their apparent similarities, these terms encapsulate distinct qualities that contribute to a nuanced understanding of bringing art to life in the Chinese language.

惟妙惟肖(wéi miào wéi xiào), translated as "true to life" or "lifelike," epitomizes the meticulous and accurate representation of reality in art. This expression signifies an artist's ability to capture details with precision, creating a portrayal that closely resembles the real-life subject.


  1. During the crucial project phase, the artist worked tirelessly, creating a lifelike representation of the elderly woman, capturing every wrinkle and expression.
    Zài guān jiàn de xiàng mù jiē duàn, yì shù jiā bù zhī pí juàn de gōng zuò, chuàng zào chū lǎo nián fù nǚ de wéi miào wéi xiào de xíng xiàng, bǔ zhuō dào měi yī dào zhòu wén hé biǎo qíng.
  2. The sculptor's depiction of the lion is meticulous and lifelike, showcasing the majestic details of its mane and posture.
    Diāo sù jiā duì shī zi de kè huà wéi miào wéi xiào, zhǎn shì le qí zōng máo hé zī tài de wēi yán xì jié.
  3. In a fantasy film, the cinematographer's use of special effects made the mythical creature look incredibly true to life.
    Zài yī bù qí huàn diàn yǐng zhōng, shè yǐng shī yùn yòng tè xiào shǐ de shén huà shēng wù kàn qǐ lái wéi miào wéi xiào.

活灵活现 (huó líng huó xiàn), translated as "lively and realistic," conveys the idea of bringing life to artistic creations. This expression suggests an artist's ability to infuse vitality and dynamism into their work, creating an immersive and engaging experience for the viewer.


  1. The playwright crafted dialogue and character interactions in the play to be vibrant and realistic, making the audience feel deeply connected.
    Jù zuò jiā zài xì jù zhōng jīng xīn gòu jiàn le huó líng huó xiàn de duì huà hé jué sè hù dòng, shǐ guān zhòng gǎn dào shēn shēn de tóu rù zhōng qí.
  2. The digital artist's recreation of historical scenes is dynamic and realistic, transporting viewers back in time.
    Shù mǎ yì shù jiā duì lì shǐ chǎng jǐng de chóng xīn chéng xiàn huó líng huó xiàn, ràng guān zhòng fǎng fú chuān yuè shí kōng.
  3. Animated characters in the film appear vibrant and realistic, evoking emotions and empathy from the audience.
    Diàn yǐng zhōng de dòng huà jué sè kàn qǐ lái huó líng huó xiàn, yǐn fā guān zhòng de qíng gǎn gòng míng.

Quiz: Please consider whether to use 惟妙惟肖 (wéi miào wéi xiào) and 活灵活现 (huó líng huó xiàn) in following sentences.

  1. 他用________的笔触描绘出了那幅画的细节。
    tā yòng ________ de bǐ chù miáo huì chū nà fú huà de xì jié 。
  2. 张老师讲起课来________,同学们越听越爱听
    zhāng lǎo shī jiǎng qǐ kè lái ________ , tóng xué men yuè tīng yuè ài tīng。
  3. 他的演技_______,仿佛把角色演活了。
    tā de yǎn jì ________ , fú bǐ bǎ jué sè yǎn huó le 。


惟妙惟肖 (wéi miào wéi xiào

活灵活现 (huó líng huó xiàn)

活灵活现 (huó líng huó xiàn)

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