HSK Words: 热闹 (rè nào) VS 吵闹 (chǎo nào)

Friday, November 10, 2023

Today, we will learn the HSK Words: 热闹 (rè nào) VS 吵闹 (chǎo nào). Having a big birthday? Or was it noisy? What's your answer? Let's find out!

热闹(rè nào refers to noisy flourishing, interest is thick, noisy, active refers to the scene of excitement.


  1. The clubs in town are really hopping.
    chéng lǐ de jù lè bù zhēn rè nào 。
  2. The mood here is resolutely up.
     zhè lǐ de qì fēn shí fēn rè nào 。
  3. The party was a blast.
     jù huì fēi cháng rè nào 。

吵闹(chǎo nàorefer to a loud, noisy argument.


  1. My brother is noisy all day long.
     dì dì zhěng tiān ài chǎo nào 。
  2. Don't make any noise in class.
     kè táng shàng bié chǎo nào 。
  3. I heard a loud noise. 
     wǒ tīng jiàn chǎo nào de shēng yīn 。

Quiz:Please consider whether to use 热闹(rè nào) or 吵闹(chǎo nào) in following sentences.

  1. ___过生日。
    ___ guò shēng rì 。
  2. 他是一个___的孩子。
     tā shì yī gè ___ de hái zi 。
  3. 上课真的很___。
     shàng kè zhēn de hěn ___。


  1. 热闹(rè nào
  2. 吵闹(chǎo nà
  3. 吵闹(chǎo nà

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