HSK Words: 矫健 (jiǎo jiàn) VS 强健 (qiáng jiàn)

Friday, November 10, 2023

Today, we will learn the HSK Words: 矫健 (jiǎo jiàn) VS 强健 (qiáng jiàn). In our lives, we often come across many words with similar meanings, such as 矫健(jiǎo jiàn) and 强健(qiáng jiàn). Although they are both related to health, you will find that their usage is quite different! So what's the difference between them? Let's find out!

The main emphasis of 矫健(jiǎo jiàn) is on the flexibility and agility of the body, often used to describe the body as light and flexible, with vigorous movements. It can modify people or animals.


  1. Athletes are striding forward with agile steps towards the finish line.
     yùn dòng yuán men mài zhe jiǎo jiàn de bù fá , xiàng zhōng diǎn chōng cì 。
  2. Looking at Grandpa at his age, he still walks so athletically.
    kàn zhe yé yé nián jì zhè me dà le , zǒu qǐ lù lái hái shì nà me jiǎo jiàn 。
  3. On the basketball court, he wowed everyone with his athletic figure.
    zài lán qiú chǎng shàng , tā de shēn yǐng jiǎo jiàn rú yàn , ràng dà jiā jīng tàn bù yǐ 。

强健(qiáng jiàn) focuses more on physical health, sturdiness and strength, emphasizing the endurance and power of one's body.


  1. Consistent exercise leads to a stronger body.
    jiān chí duàn liàn kě yǐ ràng shēn tǐ gèng jiā qiáng jiàn 。
  2. A strong body is the foundation for accomplishing this task.
    qiáng jiàn de tǐ pò shì wán chéng zhè xiàng rèn wù de jī chǔ 。
  3. This athlete has a strong physique.
    zhè wèi  yùn dòng yuán shēn tǐ qiáng jiàn 。

Quiz:Please consider whether to use 矫健(jiǎo jiàn) and 强健(qiáng jiàn)  in following sentences.

  1. 他的身影___ 灵活,每一次突破都充满了力量和速度。
    tā de shēn yǐng ___ líng huó , měi yī cì tū pò dōu chōng mǎn le lì liàng hé sù dù 。
  2.  身体___的运动员迈着___的步伐走进运动场。
    shēn tǐ ___ de yùn dòng yuán mài zhe ___ de bù fá zǒu jìn yùn dòng chǎng 。
  3. 只有拥有 ___的体魄,才能更好地完成任务。
    zhǐ yǒu yōng yǒu ___ de tǐ pò , cái néng gèng hǎo de wán chéng rèn wù 。


  1. 矫健(jiǎo jiàn)
  2. 强健(qiáng jiàn)    矫健(jiǎo jiàn)
  3. 强健(qiáng jiàn)

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