HSK Words: 寂静 (jì jìng) VS 安静 (ān jìng)

Friday, January 5, 2024

In Chinese language learning, the HSK words 寂静 (jì jìng) and 安静 (ān jìng) are often confused. They all convey a certain state of tranquility or tranquility,their meanings and usage differ slightly. In this article, we will distinguish between these two words by analyzing their meanings and usage.

寂静 (jì jìng) implies a complete absence of sound or noise. It often conveys a sense of isolation or desolation, suggesting a lack of human activity or habitation.


  1. In the rural area at night, there is complete silence.
    yè wǎn de xiāng cūn lǐ,sì zhōu yī piàn jì jìng。
  2. After the heavy rain, the entire city fell silent.
    dà yǔ guò hòu,zhěng gè chéng shì xiàn rù le jì jìng。
  3. In this remote small mountain village, the nights are always particularly silent.
    zài zhè gè piān yuǎn de xiǎo shān cūn,yè wǎn zǒng shì gé wài jì jìng 。

安静 (ān jìng) implies a state of calmness or tranquility, often in a group or environment. It does not necessarily suggest complete silence, but rather a lack of disturbance or noise.


  1. The library is quiet, suitable for studying.
    tú shū guǎn lǐ hěn ān jìng,shì hé xué xí 。
  2. The child is sleeping, the room needs to remain quiet.
    hái zi zài shuì jiào,fáng jiān lǐ xū yào bǎo chí ān jìng 。
  3. She is looking for a quiet place to think about the problem.
    tā zài xún zhǎo yī gè ān jìng de dì fāng sī kǎo wèn tí。

By understanding the differences in meaning and usage of these two words, we can more accurately use them in Chinese communication, avoiding confusion and misunderstanding.

Quiz: Please consider whether to use 寂静 (jì jìng) or 安静 (ān jìng) in the following sentences.

  1. 这房间昏暗、阴冷且_____。
    zhè fáng jiān hūn àn、yīn lěng qiě _____。
  2. 她的咳嗽声打破了_____。
    tā de ké sòu shēng dǎ pò le _____。
  3. 她是个腼腆_____的女孩。
    tā shì gè miǎn tiǎn _____ de nǚ hái 。


  1. 安静 (ān jìng) 
  2. 寂静 (jì jìng
  3. 安静 (ān jìng) 

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