HSK Words: 合适 (hé shì) VS 适合 (shì hé)

Friday, November 10, 2023

Today, we will learn the HSK words “合适”(hé shì ) and “适合”(shì hé). The two words are easily confused. Let's take a look at their differences!

“合适”(hé shì)refers to matching, conformity, appropriateness, or just meeting the actual situation or objective requirements.


  1. We are not right for each other.
    wǒ men bù hé shì 。
  2. This dress fits well. 
    zhè jiàn yī fú hěn hé shì 。
  3. This price is very suitable.
    zhè gè jià gé hěn hé shì 。

“适合”(shì hé)refers to meeting the objective situation or needs, meeting the requirements or conditions, making things go smoothly or making people feel comfortable and satisfied.


  1. Gloves fit me well.
    shǒu tào hěn shì hé wǒ。
  2. He is very suitable for playing basketball.
    tā hěn shì hé dǎ lán qiú 。
  3. I am not suitable for this job.
    wǒ bù shì hé zhè fèn gōng zuò 。

Quiz:Please consider whether to use “合适”(hé shì)or  “适合”(shì hé)in the following sentences.

  1. 这件外套很___,非常___我。
    zhè jiàn wài tào hěn ___, fēi cháng ___ wǒ 。
  2. 你___这个岗位,给你___的工资。
    nǐ ___ zhè gè gǎng wèi , gěi nǐ ___ de gōng zī 。
  3. 他穿___的衣服,___这个场景。
    tā chuān ___ de yī fú ,___ zhè gè chǎng jǐng 。


  1. 合适(hé shì) 适合(shì hé
  2. 适合(shì hé) 合适(hé shì
  3. 合适(hé shì) 适合(shì hé

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