HSK Words: 果然 (guǒ rán) VS 果真 (guǒ zhēn)

Tuesday, December 26, 2023

In Chinese language learning, the HSK words 果然 (guǒ rán) and 果真 (guǒ zhēn) are often confused. While both are related to the idea of confirmation or surprise, their usage differs slightly. In this article, we will distinguish between these two words by analyzing their meanings and usage.

果然 (guǒ rán)  is typically used to express that something has happened or turned out as expected or predicted. It emphasizes the fulfillment of a prediction or expectation, often with a sense of relief or confirmation.


  1. I thought he would come, and sure enough, he arrived. 
    wǒ yǐ wéi tā huì lái ,guǒ rán tā zhēn lái le 。
  2. I predicted that the project would be successful, and indeed, it was a great hit. 
    wǒ yù cè zhè gè xiàng mù huì chéng gōng ,guǒ rán tā dà shòu huān yíng 。
  3. As expected, the movie was indeed a blockbuster.
    guǒ rán bù chū wǒ suǒ liào , zhè bù diàn yǐng guǒ rán dà huò chéng gōng。 

On the other hand, 果真 (guǒ zhēn) is used to emphasize the authenticity or genuineness of something. It suggests that something is true or real, often with a sense of surprise or discovery.


  1. I had heard rumors about the event, but I didn't believe them until I saw it with my own eyes. It was truly amazing. 
    wǒ zhī qián tīng shuō guò zhè gè huó dòng de chuán wén ,dàn zhí dào wǒ qīn yǎn kàn dào cái xiāng xìn 。 tā guǒ zhēn lìng rén jīng tàn 。
  2. She claimed to be an expert in the field, and indeed, her knowledge and skills were impressive. 
    tā shēng chēng zì jǐ shì gāi lǐng yù de zhuān jiā ,guǒ zhēn ,tā de zhī shí hé jì néng lìng rén yìn xiàng shēn kè 。
  3. The weather forecast called for rain today, and it did rain.
    tiān qì yù bào shuō jīn tiān xià yǔ , guǒ zhēn xià qǐ le yǔ 。

Through the above examples, we can see the difference between "果然 (guǒ rán)" and "果真 (guǒ zhēn)" in usage. "果然 (guǒ rán)" emphasizes the surprise or disappointment aspect, while "果真 (guǒ zhēn)" emphasizes the actual truth or accuracy of what was said or done. Understanding these differences helps to correctly use these two words and improve Chinese expression ability.

Quiz: Please consider whether to use 果然 (guǒ rán) VS 果真 (guǒ zhēn) in the following sentences.

  1. 我听朋友说这家餐厅的菜很好吃,____名不虚传。
    wǒ tīng péng yǒu shuō zhè jiā cān tīng de cài hěn hǎo chī ,____míng bù xū chuán。
  2. 那件衣服____能衬托出你眼睛的颜色。
    nà jiàn yī fú ____ néng chèn tuō chū nǐ yǎn jīng de yán sè 。
  3. 你____认为他那么蠢吗?
    nǐ ____ rèn wéi tā nà me chǔn ma ?


  1. 果然 (guǒ rán)
  2. 果真 (guǒ zhēn)
  3. 果真 (guǒ zhēn)

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