HSK Words: 观赏 (guān shǎng) VS 欣赏 (xīn shǎng)

Friday, November 10, 2023

Both “观赏” (guān shǎng) and “欣赏” (xīn shǎng) have the meaning of appreciating or observing something, so they can be used interchangeably in some situations.


  1. We went to the gallery to see some works of art.
    wǒ men qù huà láng guān shǎng le yī xiē yì shù zuò pǐn 。
  2. I like to enjoy the beautiful scenery in the park.
    wǒ xǐ huān zài gōng yuán lǐ xīn shǎng měi lì de fēng jǐng。

“观赏” (guān shǎng) and “欣赏” (xīn shǎng), they can be used interchangeably in some situations,and  are used to describe seeing beautiful things and getting pleasure and enjoyment from them.

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“观赏”(guān shǎng) is  a verb that means “view”“appreciate”“watch”. “观赏”(guān shǎng) can also be used as a noun, indicating the act or experience of watching or appreciating.


  1. We watched a wonderful concert.(as a verb)
    wǒ men guān shǎng le yī chǎng jīng cǎi de yīn yuè huì 。
  2. We can see the beautiful sunrise at this viewing point.
    wǒ men zài zhè gè guān shǎng diǎn kě yǐ kàn dào měi lì de rì chū 。

“欣赏”(xīn shǎng) is often used as a verb and noun that means“appreciate”“appreciation”“admire”“take  pleasure in”. It can be used as predicate, subject, object, attribute and other elements in a sentence.


  1. In the park, I enjoyed the blooming flowers.(as a predicate)
    zài gōng yuán lǐ ,wǒ xīn shǎng zhe shèng kāi de huā duǒ 。
  2. I appreciate your courage.(as a subject)
    wǒ xīn shǎng nǐ de yǒng qì 。
  3. I appreciate her unique sense of humor. (as anattribute)
     wǒ xīn shǎng tā de yōu mò gǎn 。

In a word, “观赏”(guān shǎng) is to observe the surface of things, an objective feeling, and the object is tangible things. “欣赏” (xīn shǎng) is to observe deeply and feel with heart, with subjective color, and the object is intangible things.

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