HSK Words: 干涉 (gān shè) VS 干预 (gān yù)

Friday, November 10, 2023

Today, we will learn the HSK Words: 干涉 (gān shè) VS 干预 (gān yù). Think about it, 干涉 (gān shè) VS 干预 (gān yù) how to use it? Follow my footsteps and have a look together!

干涉(gān shèrefers to asking or stopping, and more insisting that the other party should obey.


  1. Don't interfere in my affairs.
     nǐ bù yào gān shè wǒ de shì 。
  2. She never interferes with my work.
     tā cóng bù gān shè wǒ de gōng zuò 。
  3. You like painting, so I shouldn't interfere too much.
     nǐ xǐ huān huà huà , wǒ bù yīng guò dù gān shè 。

干预(gān yùrefers to asking about other people's affairs, which is light in meaning.


  1. Don't interfere with his ideals.
     bié qù gān yù tā de lǐ xiǎng 。
  2. Early intervention to reduce illness.
     zǎo qī gān yù , jiǎn shǎo shēng bìng 。
  3. Let's not interfere and let them decide for themselves.
     wǒ men bù yào gān yù , ràng tā men zì jǐ jué dìng 。

Quiz:Please consider whether to use 干涉(gān shè)or 干预(gān yù) in following sentences.

  1. 让老师来___。
    ràng lǎo shī lái ___。
  2. 家长___我交朋友。
    jiā zhǎng ___ wǒ jiāo péng yǒu 。
  3. 校长不用___老师的课堂。
     xiào zhǎng bù yòng ___ lǎo shī de kè táng 。


  1. 干预(gān yù
  2. 干涉(gān shè
  3. 干涉(gān shè

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