HSK Words: 丰满 (fēng mǎn) VS 饱满 (bǎo mǎn)

Friday, January 19, 2024

In Chinese language learning, the HSK words 丰满 (fēng mǎn) and 饱满 (bǎo mǎn) are often confused by learners. While both words can be used to describe certain physical features or emotions, they carry distinct meanings that set them apart. In this article, we will explore the nuances between these two words by examining their definitions and examples of usage.

丰满 (fēng mǎn) typically implies a fullness or plumpness in appearance or texture. It can be used to describe the physical features of a person, such as their face, body, or curves. When something is described as 丰满, it often suggests a certain degree of voluptuousness or sexual allure.


  1. She has a full face that looks very pleasant.
    tā yǒu yī zhāng fēng mǎn de liǎn dàn , ràng rén kàn le hěn shū fú。
  2. The little bird has grown plump feathers.
    xiǎo niǎo yǐ jīng cháng de yǔ máo fēng mǎn le。
  3. This land is very fertile and suitable for growing crops
    zhè piàn tǔ dì hěn fēng mǎn , shì hé zhòng zhí zhuāng jià。

饱满 (bǎo mǎn) implies a state of being full or well-developed. It can be used to describe things that are completely filled out or have reached full potential. The word 饱满 can also be used to describe emotions or sentiments that are overflowing or fully realized.


  1. His eyes are full and confident.
    tā de yǎn shén hěn bǎo mǎn,chōng mǎn le zì xìn。
  2. The essay has a well-developed idea and rich content.
    zhè piān zuò wén de sī lù hěn bǎo mǎn,nèi róng fēng fù。
  3. His performance was full and left a deep impression on the audience.
    tā de biǎo yǎn hěn bǎo mǎn , gěi guān zhòng liú xià le shēn kè de yìn xiàng 。

In summary, 丰满 (fēng mǎn) and 饱满 (bǎo mǎn) are two distinct words in Chinese. 丰满(fēng mǎn) implies a fullness or plumpness in appearance or texture, often associated with voluptuousness or sexual allure. On the other hand, 饱满 (bǎo mǎn)suggests a state of being fully developed or realized, whether in physical features, emotions, or sentiments. Understanding the specific meanings of these words and their appropriate usage can enhance your Chinese language comprehension and communication skills.

Quiz: Please consider whether to use 丰满 (fēng mǎn) VS 饱满 (bǎo mǎn) in the following sentences.

  1. 他们将精神______地迎接挑战。
    tā men jiāng ______ bǎo mǎn de yíng jiē tiǎo zhàn 。
  2. 她多么______,多么美丽!
    tā duō me ______,duō me měi lì!
  3. 他们可以将他们的角色塑造得更______生动。
    tā men kě yǐ jiāng tā men de jué sè sù zào de gèng ______ shēng dòng。


  1. 饱满 (bǎo mǎn)
  2. 丰满 (fēng mǎn)
  3. 饱满 (bǎo mǎn)

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