HSK Words: 繁衍 (fán yǎn) VS 繁殖 (fán zhí)

Friday, November 10, 2023

Today, we will learn the HSK Words: 繁衍 (fán yǎn) VS 繁殖 (fán zhí). How do creatures come into being? 繁衍 (fán yǎn) or 繁殖 (fán zhí)?  which creatures are described? Let's study together!

繁衍 (fán yǎn)”means gradually increasing or broadening, which can be used for human beings.


  1. People breed offspring.
     rén men fán yǎn zhe hòu dài 。
  2. Sika deer thrive in the forest.
     méi huā lù zài sēn lín lǐ fán yǎn shēng xī 。
  3. That old tree that thrives and grows.
    nà piàn fán yǎn shēng zhǎng de lǎo shù 。

繁殖 (fán zhí)”refers to the generation of new individuals for generations, mostly used in organisms.


  1. These plants are propagated from seeds.
    zhè xiē  zhí wù yóu zhǒng zi fán zhí ér lái 。
  2. The propagation of oil cauliflower is more and more prosperous.
    yóu huā cài de fán zhí yuè lái yuè wàng 。
  3. Cells multiply rapidly.
     xì bāo kuài sù fán zhí 。

Quiz:Please consider whether to use“繁衍”(fán yǎn)or  “繁殖”(fán zhí)  in following sentences.

  1. 红藻在海里过度___。
    hóng zǎo zài hǎi lǐ guò dù ___。
  2. 这些马为良种所___。
     zhè xiē mǎ wéi liáng zhǒng suǒ ___。
  3. 这是人工___的种鱼。
     zhè shì rén gōng ___ de zhǒng yú 。


  1. 繁殖(fán zhí
  2. 繁衍(fán yǎn
  3. 繁殖(fán zhí

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