HSK Words: 度过 (dù guò) VS 渡过 (dù guò)

Friday, November 10, 2023

Today, we will learn the HSK Words: 度过 (dù guò) VS 渡过 (dù guò). The radicals are different, but they have two meanings. Do you want to know? Let's discuss it in depth!

度过”(dù guò)is mostly used in situations related to the passage of time.


  1. I had a pleasant holiday.
    wǒ  dù guò le yī gè yú kuài de jià qī 。
  2. I spent the winter here.
     wǒ zài zhè dù guò le dōng tiān 。
  3. Thank you, grandpa, who spent my childhood with me.
    xiè xiè  péi wǒ dù guò tóng nián de yé yé 。

渡过”(dù guò) means going from one shore to the other, which means passing.


  1. How to cross the river?
    zěn yàng dù guò zhè tiáo hé ?
  2. Pull through.
    dù guò nán guān 。
  3. I crossed this desert.
    wǒ dù guò zhè gè shā mò 。

Quiz:Please consider whether to use “度过”(dù guò)or “渡过”(dù guò) in following sentences.

  1. 生命在奋斗中___。
    shēng mìng zài fèn dòu zhōng ___。
  2. 他是怎么___这个夜晚?
    tā shì zěn me ___ zhè gè yè wǎn ?
  3. 你把多少人马___对岸。
     nǐ bǎ duō shǎo rén mǎ ___ duì àn 。


  1. 度过(dù guò
  2. 渡过(dù guò
  3. 渡过(dù guò

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