HSK Words: 成规 (chéng guī) VS 陈规 (chén guī)

Monday, December 18, 2023

In HSK learning, 成规 (chéng guī) and 陈规 (chén guī) are two words that are often confused. While both are related to rules or traditions, their usage and meanings differ slightly. In this article, we will distinguish between these two words by analyzing their meanings and usage.

成规 (chéng guī) typically refers to an established rule or tradition that has developed over time and is considered standard or normative. It typically implies a general acceptance and adherence to the rule or tradition.


  1. Although we usually follow established rules, flexibility is also important in certain situations.
    suī rán wǒ men tōng cháng zūn xún chéng guī, dàn zài mǒu xiē qíng kuàng xià, líng huó xìng yě shì fēi cháng zhòng yào de。
  2. For this situation, it can be handled according to existing regulations.
    duì zhè gè qíng kuàng, kě yǐ àn zhào yǐ yǒu chéng guī jìn xíng chǔ lǐ。
  3. We cannot stick to the rules.
    wǒ men bù néng mò shǒu chéng guī。

陈规 (chén guī) typically refers to an outdated or obsolete rule or tradition that is no longer considered valid or useful. It typically implies a need to modify or replace the rule or tradition.


  1. These outdated rules and regulations from 20 to 30 years ago must be broken, and new regulations must be formulated based on the new situation.
    zhè xiē èr sān shí nián qián de chén guī jiù lǜ bì xū dǎ pò, bìng gēn jù xīn qíng kuàng zhì dìng xīn guī dìng 。
  2.  He refuses to accept old customs and insists on dealing with problems in his own way.
    tā jù jué jiē shòu chén guī jiù sú, jiān chí yǐ zì jǐ de fāng shì chǔ lǐ wèn tí。
  3. We need to abandon stereotypes and embrace change to adapt to the rapidly developing society.
    wǒ men xū yào bìng qì chén guī, yōng bào biàn gé, yǐ shì yìng kuài sù fā zhǎn de shè huì 。

Quiz: Please consider whether to use 成规 (chéng guī) VS 陈规 (chén guī) in the following sentences.

  1. 我们应该废弃____旧习。
    wǒ men yīng gāi fèi qì ____ jiù xí。
  2. 作家们一旦突破____ ,他们的作品就会获得生机。
    zuò jiā men yī dàn tū pò ____ , tā men de zuò pǐn jiù huì huò dé shēng jī。
  3. 我们要勇于挑战传统,打破____的思维定式,才能不断进步。
    wǒ men yào yǒng yú tiǎo zhàn chuán tǒng , dǎ pò ____ de sī wéi dìng shì,cái néng bù duàn jìn bù。


  1. 陈规 (chén guī)
  2. 陈规 (chén guī)
  3. 成规 (chéng guī)

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