HSK Words: 才能 (cái néng) VS 才华 (cái huá)

Friday, November 10, 2023

Today, we will learn the HSK Words: 才能 (cái néng) VS 才华 (cái huá). They are both high frequency words in Chinese learning. Do you know what is the difference between them?

才能 (cái néng) focuses on wisdom and agile thinking ability.


  1. Action can succeed.
     xíng dòng cái néng chéng gōng 。
  2. Only with self-confidence can we face difficulties.
     yǒu le zì xìn , cái néng miàn duì kùn nán 。
  3. This needs cooperation to complete.
    zhè gè xū yào pèi hé cái néng wán chéng 。

才华 (cái huá) means outstanding performance, ability and specialty in literature and art.


  1. You are talented.
     nǐ zhēn yǒu cái huá 。
  2. This is a very talented director.
     zhè shì yī wèi hěn yǒu cái huá de dǎo yǎn 。
  3. This is a good opportunity to display one's talents.
     zhè shì gè shī zhǎn cái huá de hǎo jī huì 。

Quiz: Please consider whether to use  “才能”(cái néng)or “才华”(cái huá) in following sentences.

  1. 这幅画显示了作者的__。
    zhè fú huà xiǎn shì le zuò zhě de __。
  2. 能吃___干。
    néng chī ___ gān 。
  3. 学习踏实,___前进。
     xué xí tā shí ,___ qián jìn 。


  1. 才华(cái huá
  2. 才能(cái néng
  3. 才能(cái néng

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