HSK Words: 爱护 (ài hù) VS 保护 (bǎo hù)

Friday, November 10, 2023

Today, we will learn the HSK words “ 爱护” (ài hù) and “ 保护 ” (bǎo hù). In daily life, where will 爱护 (ài hù)  and 保护 (bǎo hù) be used? What is the difference between the two?  Let's find out.

爱护 (ài hù) (verb): cherish and protect. Express attitude and feelings.


  1. We should love animals
    wǒ men yào ài hù dòng wù 。
  2. You should take care of your eyes.
    nǐ yào zhù yì ài hù yǎn jīng 。
  3. Take care of public property.
    要爱护公物 。
    yào ài hù gōng wù 。

保护 (bǎo hù) (verb): Try your best to take care of it from damage. In addition to "love", there must be specific actions and measures.


  1. Protecting forests is everyone's responsibility.
    bǎo hù sēn lín , rén rén yǒu zé 。
  2. I read books about environmental protection.
    wǒ dú le guān yú huán jìng bǎo hù de shū 。
  3. We want to protect the earth.
    wǒ men yào bǎo hù dì qiú 。

Quiz:Please consider whether to use“ 爱护”(ài hù)“or ” 保护 ”(bǎo hù) in following sentences.

  1. 我们要___动物,同时___它们。
    wǒ men yào ___ dòng wù , tóng shí ___ tā men 。
  2. 每个人都应该___花草树木。
    měi gè rén dōu yīng gāi ___ huā cǎo shù mù 。
  3. 冬天一定要___好手。
    dōng tiān yī dìng yào ___ hǎo shǒu 。


  1. 保护 (bǎo hù)  爱护(ài hù
  2. 爱护(ài hù
  3. 保护 (bǎo hù)

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