HSK Words: 预报(yù bào) 预告 (yù gào)

Tuesday, December 19, 2023

When it comes to writing, 预报 (yù bào) and 预告 (yù gào) are two commonly confused terms. While both are related to the description of future events, their usage differs slightly. In this article, we will analyze and distinguish these two HSK words, exploring their meanings and usage.

预报 (yù bào) is usually related to weather, natural disasters, or other predictable natural phenomena. The term emphasizes predictions based on scientific observation, data analysis, and expertise. For example, the meteorological department will issue weather forecasts to inform the public of the future weather conditions. This kind of forecast is usually based on a series of meteorological observation data, model calculation and other comprehensive analysis.


  1. According to the weather forecast, there will be heavy rain tomorrow, please take precautions.
    gēn jù qì xiàng yù bào , míng tiān jiāng yǒu bào yǔ , qǐng dà jiā zuò hǎo fáng fàn cuò shī 。
  2. The weather forecast on the TV station says it will be windy tomorrow. It's not suitable to go out.
    diàn shì tái de tiān qì yù bào shuō míng tiān huì yǒu dà fēng , bù shì hé wài chū 。
  3. According to the expert's forecast, the earthquake may have a serious impact on the local economy.
    gēn jù zhuān jiā de yù bào , zhè cì dì zhèn kě néng huì duì dāng dì de jīng jì zào chéng yán zhòng yǐng xiǎng 。

预告(yù gào) is a prejudgment of something that has not yet happened. It can be a telling of something that will definitely happen in the future, or it can be a judgment of something that will happen undefinitely in the future.


  1. Watch a trailer for the film on YouTube.
    zài YouTube shàng guān kàn diàn yǐng yù gào piàn.
  2. Next up: Avoid the data garbage dump.
    xià qī zhào yù: bì miǎn shù jù lā duī。 
  3. From the looks of the promo video for the sixth season of House, the season's going to be good.
    wǒ men cóng dì liù jì de yù gào lái kàn , zhè jì huì hěn hǎo kàn ó 。

Quiz: Please consider whether to use 预报(yù bào) VS 预告 (yù gào) in following sentences.

  1. 音乐会即将开始,快来观看____视频吧!
    yīn yuè huì jí jiāng kāi shǐ , kuài lái guān kàn ____shì pín ba !
  2. 根据天气____,晚一点天应该会转晴。
    gēn jù tiān qì ____, wǎn yī diǎn tiān yīng gāi huì zhuǎn qíng 。
  3. 气象____说有阵雨而且阴天。
    qì xiàng ____ shuō yǒu zhèn yǔ ér qiě yīn tiān 。


  1. 预告(yù gào)
  2. 预报(yù bào)
  3. 预报(yù bào)

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