HSK 4 Words: 尤其 (yóu qí) VS 特别 (tè bié)

Wednesday, January 31, 2024

Two such words are 尤其 (yóu qí) and 特别 (tè bié). While they may seem similar at first glance, their usage and nuances are distinct. Understanding the differences between these two words is crucial for accurate communication in Chinese. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of 尤其 (yóu qí) and 特别 (tè bié), comparing their meanings, contexts, and usages to help you navigate the complexities of these two frequently confused terms.

尤其 (yóu qí) typically implies a particular emphasis on something in addition to other similar things. It is used to emphasize a specific instance or situation that stands out among other similar instances or situations.


  1. This restaurant has very good dishes, especially the red-braised pork.
    zhè jiā cān tīng de cài hěn hǎo chī , yóu qí shì hóng shāo ròu 。
  2. I especially enjoy traveling, especially going on vacation by the sea.
    wǒ tè bié xǐ huān lǚ yóu , yóu qí shì qù hǎi biān dù jià 。
  3. She loved all kinds of sports, especially swimming.
    tā xǐ ài gè zhǒng yùn dòng , yóu qí shì yóu yǒng 。

特别 (tè bié) on the other hand, implies something that is extraordinary or exceptional. It is used to describe something that stands out due to its uniqueness or exceptionality.


  1. He is a very special person who always has many unique ideas.
    tā shì gè hěn tè bié de rén , zǒng shì yǒu hěn duō dú yì de xiǎng fǎ 。
  2. Today's weather is particularly bad, feeling like the end of the world.
    jīn tiān de tiān qì tè bié zāo gāo , gǎn jué xiàng shì shì jiè mò rì yī yàng 。

In summary, 尤其 (yóu qí) and 特别 (tè bié) are two distinct words in Chinese. 尤其(yóu qí)  implies a particular emphasis on something among similar things, while 特别 (tè bié) suggests something that is extraordinary or exceptional. 

Quiz: Please consider whether to use 尤其 (yóu qí) and 特别 (tè bié) in the following sentences.

  1. 交通状况很差,______是市中心。
    jiāo tōng zhuàng kuàng hěn chà , ______shì shì zhōng xīn 。
  2. 东北部受影响______严重。
    dōng běi bù shòu yǐng xiǎng ______ yán zhòng 。
  3. 她对衣着______挑剔。
    tā duì yī zhuó ______ tiāo tī 。


  1. 尤其 (yóu qí)
  2. 尤其 (yóu qí)
  3. 特别 (tè bié)

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