HSK 4 Words: 通过 (tōng guò) VS 经过 (jīng guò)

Friday, February 2, 2024

Two such HSK words that often cause confusion are 通过 (tōng guò) and 经过 (jīng guò). While these two words may seem similar in meaning, they actually have distinct usages and connotations. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of 通过 (tōng guò) and 经过 (jīng guò), aiming to clarify their differences and guide readers in their proper usage.

通过 (tōng guò) typically implies a process of passing through or completing something. It can be used to describe a journey or a series of actions that lead to a particular result or outcome. The emphasis is on achieving a certain end or result by virtue of a certain way or means.


  1. I achieved excellent grades through hard work.
    wǒ tōng guò nǔ lì xué xí qǔ de yōu yì de chéng jì。
  2. He recovered his health through surgery.
    tā tōng guò shù shǒu huī fù le jiàn kāng。
  3. I improve my English by reading.
    wǒ tōng guò yuè dú lái tí gāo wǒ de yīng yǔ shuǐ píng 。

经过 (jīng guò), on the other hand, implies a journey or a period of time that has elapsed. It often suggests the course of events or the experience of something over a period of time. More emphasis on a process or experience, often used to describe a change in time, place, event or status.


  1. The train traveled for five hours.
    huǒ chē jīng guò le wǔ gè xiǎo shí de lǚ chéng。
  2. This book went through multiple revisions before it was completed.
    zhè běn shū jīng guò le duō cì gǎi xiū cái wán chéng。
  3. After years of hard work, he finally realised his dream.
    jīng guò duō nián de nǔ lì , tā zhōng yú shí xiàn le zì jǐ de mèng xiǎng 。

In summary, 通过 (tōng guò) and 经过 (jīng guò) are two distinct words in Chinese. 通过(tōng guò) implies a process of passing through or completing something, while 经过(jīng guò) suggests a journey or a period of time that has elapsed. Understanding the specific meanings of these words and their appropriate usage can enhance your Chinese language comprehension and communication skills.

Quiz: Please consider whether to use 通过(tōng guò) VS 经过(jīng guò) in the following sentences.

  1. 这项计划需要______审批才能实施。
    zhè xiàng jì huà xū yào ______ shěn pī cái néng shí shī 。
  2. 我们______电话沟通来解决问题。
    wǒ men ______ diàn huà gōu tōng lái jiě jué wèn tí 。
  3. ______深思熟虑,他最终做出了明智的决定。
    ______ shēn sī shú lǜ , tā zuì zhōng zuò chū le míng zhì de jué dìng 。


  1. 通过(tōng guò)
  2. 通过(tōng guò
  3. 经过(jīng guò

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