How to Use Buzzwords to Describe People

Thursday, March 28, 2024

In everyday life and the workplace, we often encounter a variety of individuals, each with their own unique personalities and traits. Sometimes, we use buzzwords to describe certain behaviors and characteristics of people. Today, we'll discuss two common personality types: people-pleasers and avoidants, and how to use buzzwords to describe them.

People-Pleasing Personality-讨好型人格 (tǎo hǎo xíng rén gé)

A people-pleasing personality refers to those who tend to cater to others, seeking to win the approval and acceptance of others. They typically exhibit the following traits:
Yes-Man/Woman: This term is often used to describe individuals who frequently say "yes" to accommodate others' opinions in order to gain their favor.
Social Butterfly: This term describes those who enjoy attending social events, seeking recognition and affection through social interactions.
Pushover: These individuals often sacrifice 牺牲 (xī shēng) their own interests and needs to meet the demands of others.

牺牲 (xī shēng), verb, sacrifice


  1. She made a great sacrifice for her family's happiness. 
    tā wèile jiārén de xìngfú zuòchūle jùdà de xīshēng.
  2. Making sacrifices for your dreams is essential for success. 
    wèile mèngxiǎng zuòchū xīshēng duìyú chénggōng zhìguān zhòngyào.

Avoidant Personality-回避型人格(huí bì xíng rén gé)

Avoidant personality refers to those who tend to avoid social situations and interpersonal interactions, fearing judgment and rejection from others. They typically exhibit the following traits:

  • Homebody: This term is used to describe those who prefer staying at home and dislike 不喜欢 (bù xǐ huān) socializing outside.
  • Avoider: These individuals tend to avoid communication with others, especially when faced with pressure and discomfort.

不喜欢 (bù xǐ huān), verb, dislike


  1. I dislike eating bitter melon.
    wǒ bù xǐhuān chī kǔguā
  2. She dislikes rainy days.
    tā bù xǐhuān xiàyǔ tiān

How to Use These Buzzwords to Describe Personality Types

Understanding the meanings of these buzzwords can help us better understand the behaviors and characteristics of others. However, when using these words, it's important to consider the following:

  • Respect Others: While these words can help us accurately describe others, we should also respect each person's uniqueness and individual choices.
  • Observe Details: Observe a person's behavior to determine which personality type they may belong to.

Key Sentences:

  1. I feel like I have an avoidant personality. 
    Wǒ juédé wǒ yǒu huíbì xíngrén gé.
  2. I always agree with others' words. I think I have a people-pleasing personality.
    Wǒ zǒngshì fùhé biérén dehuà. Wǒ juédé wǒ yǒu tǎohǎo xíngrén gé.
  3. My colleague always avoids joining us for meals. They might have an avoidant personality.
    Wǒ de tóngshì zǒngshì bù hé wǒmen jùcān, kěnéng yǒu huíbì xíngrén gé.

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